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Free Printable Animal Valentines

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There are a few times in life when puns are good.  One is birthdays.  Birthday cards with pun inspired jokes seem to be some of the only options in the funny card section these days.  And they can be really amusing when given to the right person.

Valentine’s Day is a another.  Especially when it comes to kids’ cards.  Kids love puns (and they don’t even know what a pun is yet).  And when they appear on Valentine’s Day cards, you usually can hit a home run.

It’s always a good thing when your Valentine recipient laughs out loud as you hand out Valentine’s Day cards.


Valentine puns were the inspiration when designing these Free Printable Animal Valentines.  Animals are cute.  And I love these hand drawn ones, so I couldn’t wait to feature them on the cards.

But they couldn’t just be sitting around looking adorable.  They needed to talk.  Time to bring in some speech bubbles.

Since I wasn’t quite sure what each animal would say, Valentine puns saved the day.  Turns out that there are lots of ways to play with words and associate them with different animals.  Here’s what I came up with.


The alligator chomps “I’d snap at the chance to be your Valentine!”. 

The elephant reminds your Valentine how “unforgettable” they truly are. 

The hippo wishes a “Hippo Valentine’s Day”.

The tiger even declares that he is seeing “stripes”.

These cute animal valentines are the perfect size for classroom valentines.  They measure 3.5″ x 5″.  You can put them in an A1 envelope or attach a treat, such as these animal squishies, to the back (affiliates).  And each card design has space for the child to sign their name.

As a former teacher, I remember that one of the academic tie-ins for celebrating Valentine’s Day is for students to practice their best handwriting by signing their cards.  Although you can purchase customized valentine cards with their name pre-printed on it, many schools require the kids to write their own names.

This space gives kids with all kinds of handwriting the chance to write their names.

There is also a “To” space on the card for your child to write the name of the recipient.  In some classes, the idea of matching the valentine to the name takes too much time during distribution.  Instead, you could write “My Friend” or “My Classmate”.

To make your animal valentines, download the Free Printable Animal Valentines here.  Print on heavier white cardstock (our favorite version that works in most printers is hereaffiliate).

Then, cut out your Valentine’s Day cards.  You can attach a bag of Valentine’s Day candy such as these cool gummy crocodiles (affiliate) or traditional gummy bears (affiliate).

Another idea is to add a sweet little animal squishy (affiliate).  Kids love squishies these days.

For me, my favorite Valentine treat is something useful.  Pencils are one of my favorites and are very popular with kids.  They aren’t candy (for those trying to avoid more sugar) and are so handy.  Kids love using them “right away”.

With these Free Printable Animal Valentines, you can match a cute animal themed pencil (affiliate) or adorable animal eraser (affiliate).

One option when packaging your animal valentines is to put them in an envelope.  These Valentine’s Day cards measure 3.5″ x 4.75″.  They use an A1 envelope.  You can choose the traditional white envelope (affiliate) or a more modern kraft paper one (affiliate).

You can also attach the Valentine card to the treat with decorative Valentine washi tape.  Or punch a hole in the corner of the animal valentine card and tie onto a treat bag filled with candy.

Looking for other Valentine’s Day card ideas?  Be sure to stop by our shop for an assortment of printable Valentine’s Day fun.

Free Printable Crayon Valentine Card

And if you are searching for other Free Printable Valentine card ideas, check out these Heart Crayon Valentines.  You can attach them to a pack of crayons or handmade heart crayons.  The perfect way to encourage your Valentines to have a colorful day.

Download your Free Printable Animal Valentines here.

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