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Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game

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So, I was the kid that loved solving word puzzles.  When I was little, my mom got me a subscription to Games Magazine.  I would spend hours trying to solve all of the word puzzles.  It was much better than playing with dolls or building Legos.

Okay, I know.  I had some interesting qualities as a kid.  And I will say that all of this word puzzle solving didn’t help me score any better on the SAT.  Turns out that solving word puzzles and choosing the correct multiple choice answers isn’t related.

So after designing a set of Free Printable Baby Shower Games, I was really excited to design this Baby Shower Emoji Game.  It turns out that making emoji word puzzles is not that different from some of the cryptic word puzzles that I spent hours solving as a kid.  And being on the designing side of the coin is super fun.

When I made this Baby Shower Emoji Game, I chose a variety of baby and pregnancy related words.  Think “water breaking”, “bringing baby home” and “midnight feeding”.  It was fun brainstorming different baby related words and phrases.  And then, creating a combination of little symbols to guess those words.

For example, “bringing baby home” is shown with a car, baby and house.  Or for “midnight feeding”, there is a smiling moon and a baby bottle. 

There are 15 original puzzles in all.  Can your guests solve all of them? 

What is an Emoji?

Basically an emoji is a small digital image or icon.  Many times you will see them when you’re texting.  Think those little faces with different expressions.  Or other small objects that you can add to your message.

But emojis can also be used for other things.  For this Baby Shower Emoji Game, I used them to create little word puzzles with a baby/pregnancy theme. 

I also used them in this Children’s Book Emoji Game.  It was so much fun figuring out how to make the title of my favorite children’s books using little icons.

How Do I Print the Game?

This baby shower game is laid out on an 8.5″ x 11″ page.  There are two game cards per a page.

You can download your Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game here.

It is recommended to print your game on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  Then, use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut the individual cards out. (affiliate)

You can print your game at home, your local print shop or our favorite online print shop – Prints of Love. (affiliate)

Prefer a single card design?  Be sure to stop by our shop for a single card design.  


How to Play this Baby Shower Emoji Game?

Guests will love playing this Baby Shower Emoji Game at your next baby shower.  It’s one of my favorite baby shower game choices.

You can also use it as entertainment at your baby open house or even a gender reveal party.

Simply download and print your game cards. 

Then, set a specific amount of time for guests to solve the puzzles.  Ten minutes should work.  Whichever player solves the most puzzles in that amount of time wins.   

A few rules.

  1. Guests need to write on the line the baby related word or phrase that corresponds to each set of emojis.
  2. No referencing your phone or other digital device during play.
  3. For each correct puzzle, guests get one point.
  4. The person with the most number of points when the timer finishes wins.

You could also play it in teams and let guests work together to solve the puzzles.  This can be a great way for guests to get to know each other better and have some fun.

During the party, be sure to play this game together.  That way no one is sharing the answers.  

After guests have completed the puzzles, go over the answers.  For each one that guests got correct, they get a point.  The person who has the greatest number correct, wins a prize.


What if my guests are stumped?

Some of these baby shower emoji puzzles are tough.  In case guests get stumped, I have included an answer key.  You can download the Baby Shower Emoji Game Answer Key here.

Baby Shower Emoji Game Supplies

My favorite part about printable baby shower games is that you really only need three things – the game, something to write with and prizes for the winner.

Depending on where you plan on playing this emoji game, your guests also might need something to lean on.  These mini clipboards are a great surface.  And guests can clip multiple games on them, making them the perfect solution for your baby shower game needs. (affiliate)

Although you can use a basic pencil or pen, personalized baby shower pencils might be a sweet touch to your baby shower.  These full sized pencils can be personalized with your event information and come in three different colors.  Or you could use this customized golf pencils.  (affiliates)

Now, the fun part.  Baby shower prizes.  You can check out some of my favorite baby shower prizes here.  

Chocolate Bars

Make a custom baby shower chocolate bar wrapper using this Free Printable Chocolate Bar Template.  Or order pre-printed customized chocolate bar wrappers here.  


I am a fan of cozy fuzzy socks that guests will love to wear.  Especially if you’re hosting a fall or winter baby shower.

Cookie Mix in a Bag

These cookie mix in a bag sets make baking cookies easy and fun.  And you won’t have to search for the ingredients.  Or make your own cookie mix in a jar that can be used as a favor for any event.

Bath Bombs Set

Inspire some self care after guests head home with relaxing homemade bath bomb or shower steamer.  Perfect for kicking back after a long day.


Send guests home with a beautifully scented candle.  It’s a great way to relax after a tough day playing baby shower games.

Need more baby shower prize ideas?  Be sure to check out some of our favorites here.


Looking for more Baby Shower Games?

This Baby Shower Emoji Game is the perfect addition to our other 8 Free Printable Baby Shower Games.  

I am also excited to add this Children’s Book Emoji Game to our shop.  Designed for my book loving best friend’s baby shower, it’s a celebration of some of my favorite storybooks – emoji style.  

You can also find the Baby Shower Emoji Game in a variety of themes in the shop.  No matter what theme your baby shower is, celebrate in style with a matching emoji game design.

Where Can I Download the Game?

Still need to download the Baby Shower Emoji Game?  Be sure to download it here.

Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game Answers

Love this baby shower game and want to save it for later?  Pin it below.


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