Paper Baseball Party Bunting

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Baseball.  It’s all the talk around here these days.  Although I know many of you’re probably enjoying football season right now, our house has been consumed by America’s favorite pastime.  And it’s all because the Orioles were crowned American League East Championship last week.  Having been a fan for many years and sitting through a lot of really tough seasons, it’s amazing to finally see my team shine.


So, of course, even though Little Bug is already singing her “I’m Ready for Halloween” song, we had to do a little baseball decorating to celebrate the Orioles amazing victory.  I thought a baseball party bunting would do the trick.  (Don’t worry – it’s just until the end of baseball season.  It’s the perfect interlude while I finish crafting this year’s Halloween decorations!)

Sewing with Paper

Did you know that you could sew paper in your sewing machine?  When Little Bug was born, I had big plans to sew her lots of pretty dresses.  Although I did manage two fleece hats (affiliate), the sewing machine has been sitting in the corner collecting dust ever since.

Until now.  It turns out that you can use your sewing machine to sew paper.  (This book called Fabric, Paper, Thread has lots of paper sewing projects to try with your kids. (affiliate))

Making this adorable paper bunting was a super simple sewing project.  Which, it turns out, is about all I can handle on my sewing machine.

Deciding on the Length

When making your paper baseball bunting, it’s important to know the length of the space that you want to hang it first.  Before you start, measure the place you want to display the bunting.  Divide that measurement by 3 to figure out how many circles you will need.  Be sure to leave space on either side for easy hanging.

What if my measurements are off?  If you realize after you sew your bunting that it’s too long, you can also cut off a circle or too.  If the bunting is too short, just adjust the hanging area or add an extra circle to the end.

How to Make a Paper Baseball Bunting

With a few white paper circles, red marker and sewing machine at hand, this paper baseball party bunting is the perfect baseball party decoration to add some baseball fun to our home.  Now we just need to have is an end of season celebration!

You Will Need:

Heavy White Cardstock (affiliate)

3 Inch Circle Paper Punch (affiliate)

Red Marker

Sewing Machine with White Thread (affiliate)


1.  Punch out white circles with your 3 inch circle paper punch (affiliate).  You will need about 24 circles to make a 6 foot paper baseball garland.


2.  Pull about 6 inches of thread from the sewing machine before starting for easy hanging.  Use white thread to hide the stitches on the baseball.  Adjust the stitch setting on the sewing machine to a fine straight stitch.  Feed your first circle, slowly stitching through the center of the circle.

3.  Continue feeding circles through the machine one by one.  Leave about a one inch space between each circle before adding the next circle.  When finished sewing together your circles, pull another 6 inches of thread for hanging and cut.


4.  Make the lines for your baseball using the red marker.  Using an extra three inch circle, trace one half on the top of the baseball.  Trace a second half on the bottom of the baseball.


Add in small arrows for the baseball lacing.

A Quick Note… Depending on where you hang your garland, we found that sometimes the circles flipped.  If you find this happening, you can add the lines to both sides of the circle so the blank don’t show.

Busy Mom Tip

Don’t have time to make your own white circle garland?  Purchase a pre-made white circle garland and just add the baseball markings (affiliate).  Choose 3″ white circles (a little smaller could work too).  Once it arrives, add your own baseball markings.  Party crafting done.


Hang your paper baseball bunting along a mantel, window or even from a dining room chandelier.


This baseball bunting is the perfect crafted touch to a baseball themed party, end of season celebration or just because your team made it to the playoffs!

Planning a baseball party and want to make this baseball bunting?  Be sure to pin for later!

Looking for some more baseball fun?  Check out our baseball invitations and baseball party designs in the shop now.  They’re perfect for any late season baseball celebration or just a party for your little baseball fanatic.

And if you love printables, check out this Free Printable Baseball Popcorn Box.  It’s the perfect way to serve treats on Opening Day.

Happy Celebrating,


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  1. This is so neat! My son loves baseball.

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