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Birthday Balloon Wreath

Birthday Balloon Wreath

We’ve been admiring these colorful birthday balloon wreaths for awhile now.  They are so vibrant and the perfect way to greet guests at any birthday celebration.  We have even seen them created in different themes such as Mickey Mouse or monster themed wreaths.

We were happy to discover that this wreath was quite simple to make.  Balloons, stick pins, a crepe paper covered wreath form and a little patience was all one needed to craft a colorful birthday balloon wreath too.

You Will Need:

An assortment of colorful balloons (we purchased about 200- 250 8 inch round balloons from our local dollar store)

Straight Pins

12 inch Styrofoam Wreath Form

Crepe Paper Streamer

1.  Attach the end of the crepe paper streamer to the wreath form with one or two straight pins.

2.  Wrap the crepe paper around the wreath.

Secure at the end the wreath with additional straight pins.

3.  Scrunch up the bottom of each balloon and attach to the wreath using a straight pin.  Keep the floppy part of the balloon on top in order to hide the straight pin head in the wreath.

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Attach balloons to your wreath until you feel that it is full.  When finished adding balloons, you will have a beautiful and colorful wreath that the birthday girl or boy is sure to adore!

A few other hints to help… Check to make sure that you are mixing up the colors of your balloons as you add them.  If you notice that you have too much of one color, you can add a contrasting color or move balloons as necessary.

You will need between 200 and 250 balloons to make a full wreath.  It is better to have more balloons than too few when making the wreath, so we recommend buying more balloons then you think you need and returning the extras.

Due to time, we decided to leave off the pipe cleaner spirals that we wanted to add.  You can add your own pipe cleaner spirals, though, to give your wreath an even more festive look.  Simply cut a set of matching pipe cleaners in half.  Twist each pipe cleaner around a pencil and then stick into the wreath.  The spiral pipe cleaners can add even more whimsy to this fun birthday wreath project.

We used our birthday balloon wreath to greet guests at Little Bug’s ABC Rainbow Birthday Party.  It coordinated beautifully with our ABC Birthday Party Designs and was a sweet way to kick off a very colorful party.

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