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Free Printable Birthday Calendar

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Last night, I woke up full of worry.  I just remembered that one of my best friend’s birthdays is this Saturday.  And I haven’t even gotten a card in the mail.

Every year, I make the same goal.  To remember my friend’s birthdays.

Some years are easier than others.  I usually schedule reminders in my calendar on my phone.  It’s pretty reliable at popping them up a couple of days before hand.  Except when it isn’t.  This year, I just noticed that Appreciate a Dragon is on there for January 16th, but my friend’s birthday in late January seems to have disappeared.  Whoops.

And for my other friend whose card will be late this year.  That reminder didn’t pop up either.

Sometimes, maybe a paper version is better.


So this year, I’m trying to use this Free Printable Birthday Calendar.  Similar to a perpetual calendar (affiliate), this birthday calendar keeps all of your important birthdays in one place.  I made it so that it’s one page.  A simple glance and no changing on the page necessary.  This let’s me see who’s birthdays are coming up instead of having to search through an entire calendar.

I have hung it on the wall by my desk so I can glance at it often.  The more I see when people’s birthdays are coming up, the more likely I am to remember to send a card.  Or even a gift.

Why Is It Important to Remember People’s Birthdays?

After reading a business book years ago, I realized the importance of remembering people’s birthdays.  We all like to be thought of.  It’s human nature.

But very few people actually take the time to send someone a card on their birthday.  The writer was telling the story about when he sent a card to one of his executive friends.  They called to say thank you and explain that he was one of only two people to send a card.  The guy’s mom and him.  His own brother didn’t even send a card.

Birthday cards are truly appreciated these days.  Especially in the age of technology.

If you aren’t a mail guru like I am, you can always call the person or even send an email or text.  Just remembering someone’s special day is what’s important.

More than Just a Post on Their Facebook Wall

Every day, Facebook reminders pop up on my phone telling me it’s someone’s birthday.  Whether I have a connection with the person or not.

Although posting on a person’s Facebook Wall might be meaningful to many, I just don’t think it’s as caring as reaching out personally for somebody’s birthday.  I actually pledged to stop posting on people’s walls for their birthdays a few years ago.  I think it’s let me grow closer to many more people.

If you love posting things on people’s Facebook Walls, you still can.  Just send a card or call too.

How to Always Be Ready for an Upcoming Birthday

Okay, so now I’m going to be honest with you.  Even with this birthday calendar, I don’t always remember everyone’s birthday.

The truth is that remembering people’s birthdays is no easy feat.  But, think how exciting it is to receive a card in the mail from a long lost friend.  Or a phone call from someone you haven’t spoken to in years.  I love reconnecting annually with people that I don’t get to see very often.

Using a birthday calendar helps make this task more possible.  To get organized, at the beginning of the year I purchase or print birthday cards.  Sometimes, I even make DIY birthday cards if I have time.  This way I have them on hand when a birthday comes up on my calendar.

I also make sure that I have an updated address list and stamps.  This way, a week before their birthday I can pick a card, write a short message, address the envelope and send it.  Just. Like. That.  Card sent.  Birthday remembered.

The best part is that with this strategy in place, I rarely miss my friend’s and family’s birthdays any more.  If I do forget to send a card, I can always call instead.  Thanks to the birthday calendar, I will remember the date.

We all have a lot to remember every day.  Don’t make birthdays one of them.

If you enjoy giving gifts, make it simple on yourself.  Pre-purchase gift cards to mail with the card (saves money on postage too).  Or have an arrangement of flowers that are picked out, so you can just add the recipient’s name and send (affiliate).  Saving time when picking out a gift is so key to making remembering birthdays easy and fun.


Free Printable Birthday Calendar

So, here it is.  Your Free Printable Birthday Calendar.  I made the design in two sizes – 11″ x 17″ and 8.5″ x 11″.  Although both sizes can be displayed on a wall, the larger size Free Printable Birthday Calendar is perfect to put near a desk.

The smaller Free Printable Birthday Calendar size can also fit into a binder (think an addition to a Household Binder), larger size planner or even tuck into a notebook.  I like to fold mine in half and slip into the front of my planner.  That way I always have access to upcoming birthdays when I’m out and about.  It helps me pick up cards in advance.

The design features a pretty watercolor splotch for each month.  Just write the birthdays in the coordinating space.  Use the person’s first name and date to save space.

Not enough space?  You can always use the white space around the circle for more room.

For printing, you can use regular copy paper or medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  Once printed, you can frame the calendar or attach to the wall directly.  If you frame, you can write on the frame using a glass marker (affiliate).  This is an easy way to add new birthdays without having to take the calendar out of the frame.

Ready to make your birthday calendar? You can download the large size of the Free Printable Birthday Calendar below.

Free Printable Birthday Calendar - Large Size

Or if you need the smaller size, you can download that one here.

Free Printable Birthday Calendar - Letter Size

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Ouederni

Other Birthday Calendar Ideas

Looking for a birthday calendar that is more permanent?  There are lots of other birthday calendars that can help you keep track of important celebrations.  One of my favorites is this wooden family birthday board (affiliate).  You can add as many discs as you need to commemorate each birthday.  The best part is that it can grow with your family.

Another option is using a perpetual calendar.  I love this beautiful one featuring flora and fauna illustrations by Nathalie Ouederni (affiliate).  It would make such a beautiful addition to a workspace or home.  Or this pretty floral watercolor one would brighten any month (affiliate).

And if you prefer the one glance layout, check out this botanical wall planner (affiliate).  Although it looks a bit more complex than a perpetual calendar that you can flip, it’s nice way to keep all of the birthdays at one glance.

Still need to download your Free Printable Birthday Calendar?  Download them here – large version or letter size version.

Love this birthday calendar and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


And if you’re looking for more free printables to enjoy, be sure to check out our assortment of free printables on the blog.  They are great way to make celebrating easy and fun.

Happy Celebrating,

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