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Halloween Bottlecap Necklace Craft

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One of our favorite crafts to make together these days is jewelry.  My little loves to grab her beading box and spend the afternoon designing necklaces.  Something about arranging the beads just right and stringing them together makes everyone happy.

But, it turns out, that not all beads can be found in stores.  When she wanted to make a festive Halloween necklace recently, I came up with this Halloween Bottlecap Necklace Craft.  It’s pendant design makes for a great centerpiece on any Halloween necklace.


Each Halloween Bottlecap Necklace features a variety of decorative Halloween scrapbook paper.  I found a great assortment of papers at our local craft store.  You can also make your own digital scrapbook paper by printing a Halloween scrapbook paper design onto copy paper.  This cute Halloween version is one of my favorites (affiliate).

You can wear your Halloween Bottlecap Necklace as an addition to any Halloween outfit, costume or just for fun.  It also makes a great non-candy Halloween treat option for trick or treat night.

The cool part about this bottlecap necklace design is that you can pick any look you want for your necklace based on the scrapbook paper.  Spooky, cute or even vintage, any Halloween vibe will work.


How Do I Use this Craft at a Party or with a Group?

This bottlecap necklace craft makes a fun kids Halloween craft idea.  You can set it up as a craft activity at a Halloween party or easily use with a group as a Halloween project.

The best part is that the materials are relatively inexpensive and, as long as you have some adults around, kids can do most steps by themselves.  Except for the epoxy glue.  That is definitely an adult only step.

If you would like to incorporate more beading into your necklace making fun, add some fun Halloween themed pony beads to the craft table.  The kids can use the bottle cap pendant in the center of their necklace and string pony beads on each side of it.  There are flying bat, pumpkin and black cat shaped ones (affiliates) that will make an even more festive design.

You can also use a variety of Halloween colored pony beads or even glow in the dark ones (affiliate).  What a fun way to light up the evening on Halloween night.


What Should I String My Necklace On?

You can use lots of things to string your bottlecap necklace.  See what materials you have on hand first.  I have tried thin ribbon, which is great for hanging the pendant itself.  It’s easy to tie, adjust and hang.

If you want to add additional beads, thin ribbon may not be ideal.  Since this is a Halloween necklace, you could also use black cotton cording (affiliate).  To close in the back, use a breakaway clasp (affiliate).

Or another idea is to use stainless steel ball chain for stringing (affiliate).  It adds a fun look to the necklace and is easy to string the bottlecap pendant onto.  For the clasp, add a connector clasp to the back for easy closure.


How Do I Choose the Right Scrapbook Paper?

If you are a crafter, you know that the world is full of a variety of scrapbook paper options.  But how do you choose the right design for this craft?

First, you need to focus on scrapbook paper designs with a smaller motif.  The epoxy stickers measure 1 inch round, so the design will need to fit within that space.  This Halloween paper pack has a great assortment of smaller motif papers and patterns to choose from (affiliate).

You can also choose a digital scrapbook paper option and print at home.  Here is one of my favorite digital Halloween paper design sets that would make awesome bottlecap necklaces (affiliate).

When selecting your favorite paper, it’s important to decide the look and feel you want for the necklace.  This will determine the kind of scrapbook paper you choose.  Halloween designs range from spooky to cute with everything in between.  Once you know the kind of necklace you want to create, choosing a paper design will be easier.

If you don’t want to feature a specific image on your necklace, you can also choose a paper with a pattern.  Look for patterns with fall or Halloween colors.

Can I Use a Halloween Sticker Instead?

When I originally made this project a few years ago, I used Halloween stickers instead of scrapbook paper.  For the stickers, I chose assortment of 1 inch round Halloween designs (affiliate).  You can even make a pumpkin face version, which would be fun.

To make your necklace, place the sticker on white cardstock.  Then, put the epoxy sticker on top.  It should fit perfectly.  Trim around the epoxy sticker.  Continue following the rest of the instructions for making your necklace from Step 3.

If you’re using this craft with a larger group, using Halloween stickers might be easier for kids (and adults) to work with.


How to Make a Halloween Bottlecap Necklace

You Will Need:

Bottlecaps with the Split Ring Attached (affiliate)

Assortment of Halloween Scrapbook Paper (you can find my favorite digital option here (affiliate))

E6000 Glue (affiliate)

1 Inch Clear Epoxy Stickers (affiliate)

Narrow Ribbon, Cording or Ball Chain (see notes above)

Necklace Connector (if necessary)

Halloween Pony Beads (optional – see note above)

White Cardstock


1. Place an epoxy sticker directly on top of the Halloween scrapbook paper.  Center around a specific motif if you’d like to feature that.

2.  Trim around the epoxy sticker circle.

3.  Carefully, dab a small bead of E6000 Glue in the center of the bottlecap (affiliate).  E6000 Glue is a craft adhesive that has a permanent bond.  It is the perfect to use for attaching epoxy stickers to metal bottlecaps.  Unfortunately, it’s permanent bond can make it difficult for kids to use.  This is a great step for adults to do.

Press the epoxy sticker into the center of the bottlecap.  Be sure to line up the top of the epoxy circle with the ring from the bottlecap.  If you have any excess glue, dab it away with a paper towel.  Do not use your fingers to wipe it away.  Let dry.

Note:  Epoxy6000 can take ten minutes to begin setting.  But, it can take 24 to 72 hours for this glue to fully cure.  To speed drying, you can use a handheld dryer set on low. 

Don’t have Epoxy6000?  You can also try a glue gun.  We experimented with this method and only had one charm fall off so far.  Check out this amazing kid safe low heat glue gun that we use for all of our projects (affiliate).

If you’re doing this craft as a group, the bottlecap pendant can be strung onto the necklace after drying for about 10 to 15 minutes.  This will allow crafters to string additional beads to make a complete necklace.  To make sure that your necklace is fully dry, though, I would suggest that it isn’t worn until the next day.

4.  Measure a string to attach the pendant onto.  You can use thin ribbon, cording or ball chain.  Once dry, string the pendant onto the necklace piece.

5.  After you have strung your pendant, add more beads if desired.  Since this is a Halloween bottlecap necklace, use Halloween themed pony beads or even glow in the dark ones to make your necklace shine (affiliates).


6.  If necessary, attach a connector to the end of the necklace.  For a ball chain, you can use a connector clasp.  And for cording, you can use a breakaway clasp (affiliate).

For our necklace, I used leather cording.  I loved how the pendant and beads looked on it.  The problem was adding the breakaway clasps.  I couldn’t figure out how to get them to not fall off, since the cording is too thick to tie a knot.  So, I added some beads of hot glue and let them dry.  This secured the breakaway clasp very neatly.  You could also wind tape to the ends of the cording to make it thicker.  If you have another idea, or a more professional solution, please let me know in the comments below.


Wear your necklace as part of your Halloween outfit, add to your Halloween costume or hand out on Halloween night as a non-candy treat for trick or treaters.  Kids will love designing something unique to celebrate this special night of the year.

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And if you need more Halloween craft ideas to make together, check out our website.  From flying bat decorations to no carve spider pumpkins, there are lots of things to create together this Halloween.

Happy Celebrating,

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