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Free Printable Chalkboard Lemonade Bunting

Free printable lemonade chalkboard bunting

After so many months of anticipation, I’m so excited that summer has finally arrived.  Although there are many things that I love about the summer season, heat waves are not one of them!

One great way to beat the summer heat with kids is to set up neighborhood lemonade stand.  It’s a fun way to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and cool off your friends at the same time.  So, today, we have created a free printable chalkboard lemonade bunting to kick off your summer right!

When setting up your lemonade stand, it’s fun to add some special décor to make your stand unique.  This lemonade bunting will help you build the perfect lemonade stand.  Just add some sweet lemonades, cups, paper straws and other treats and your stand will be ready to open for business.

You Will Need:

Free Printable Chalkboard Lemonade Bunting

Extra Wide ribbon – we used a light pink grosgrain ribbon



1.  Download your free printable chalkboard lemonade bunting.

Print on heavy cardstock and cut out each piece.

2.  To string together, lay out each piece along a 2 1/2 yard piece of ribbon leaving about a foot of extra ribbon on each end.

3.  Glue down each bunting piece on the ribbon.  Leave about two inches between each piece.  Let dry.

4.  Tie a loop or a decorative knot at the end for easy hanging.

You can download your free printable chalkboard lemonade bunting here.

This chalkboard lemonade bunting can be added to your lemonade stand, a lemonade party or just make a fun summer decoration.  You can find more great lemonade themed printables in our shop, One Simple Party.  We hope you have a fantastic summer sipping some wonderful ice cold lemonade.



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