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Free Printable Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template

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After designing many new party collections for One Simple Party during the last few months, one of my favorite items to create is the chocolate bar wrapper.

Maybe its because I’m a chocolate fiend, but more likely I just like making simple dessert items look extra special on the dessert table. And chocolate bars make a such a pretty addition when all fancied up.

I used to think that when dressing up chocolate bars, you simply removed the outside wrapper and added your own. I soon learned from many skilled party stylists, though, that it’s best to leave the bars in their original packaging, no matter how pretty the foil from the chocolate maker is. This allows guests to know what kind of chocolate their eating and the ingredients (especially important if someone has an allergy).

So, instead of just placing the chocolate bars out, you can fancy the bars up by wrapping them in your own foil lining and covering them with your own customized chocolate bar wrapper. (affiliate)

To make your chocolate bar wrapper, you can use a pre-made printable design or create your own with this free printable blank chocolate bar wrapper template.

You can make chocolate bar wrappers out of all sorts of things including scrapbook paper, vellum and other fun paper coverings.  You can even add embellishments, such as ribbon or stickers. The possibilities are endless.

Favorite Chocolate Bars to Use

Customized chocolate bars make a great party favor for a birthday, baby shower or wedding event.  You can also give them as gifts with these “Happy Birthday” chocolate bar wrappers.  Or a get well soon gift because who doesn’t need some chocolate when they’re sick.  

Holiday celebrations are another great time to hand out chocolate bars.  As a simple Christmas gift, Halloween treat or even a thank you for teacher appreciation day.

This Free Printable Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template is sized for a 1.55 ounce chocolate bar.  When hosting a party, I like to purchase traditional milk chocolate Hershey chocolate bars in bulk since most guests enjoy milk. (affiliate)

But you can choose other flavors of chocolate bars too.  Cookies and cream and even Nestle Crunch bars work for those who like something a little different. (affiliates)

How to Fancy Up a Chocolate Bar

You Will Need:

Chocolate bar wrappers (printable ones in our shop or use our free printable blank candy bar wrapper template as a pattern to cut your own)

Foil Wrappers (affiliate)

1.55 ounce chocolate bar (these traditional chocolate bars are always a favorite or maybe a cookies and cream bar – affiliates)

Double sided tape, Glue Dots or another adhesive (affiliates)

What to Do:

1. Place the foil wrapping dull side down horizontally on the table. Center your chocolate bar on top.

2. Fold and crease the edges of the chocolate bar along both sides.

3. Fold down the bottom and wrap like a gift. Press in the two flaps and fold the edge up. Put adhesive along the edge and press down. Repeat with the top side.

4. Center the covered side of the foil wrapped chocolate bar on top of the paper wrapper. Fold the bottom edge up and attach with tape.

Fold the top edge down, making sure your sides are lined up, and attach with tape. You now have a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar.

Imagine presenting fancied up chocolate bars as a gift or bringing a platter to the next book club meeting. How pretty!

Chocolate Bar Wrapper Template

Your can download your own free printable blank chocolate bar wrapper template here to create your own creative candy bars.

I have designed a number of customizable chocolate bar wrappers for my shop, One Simple Party. You can find silver foil wrappers here (affiliate), so you can put a pretty touch on your chocolate bar wrapping.

Love free printables?  Be sure to check out the free printables section on our blog.  There are lots of creative and fun printables to help you celebrate and make memories.

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  1. Great tip about wrapping over the wrapper. I would have never known that. Insider secret!

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