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Chocolate Mustache Lollipops

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It’s no secret. I love chocolate. And since that was my one (okay, maybe there was another one) weakness during my pregnancies, I’m sure it’s no surprise that Little Bug is also a chocolate fan. As I’ve started to throw more and more parties, I’ve become a fan of creating chocolates to match different party themes. From Eiffel Towers to mustaches, the Internet has opened us up to a world once closed off just to professional bakers – chocolate molds. You can even get some basic ones in big box craft stores.

In addition to the basic chocolate mold, some have a space for a lollipop stick. We all know that everything tastes better on a stick, including chocolates. And what’s the best thing you could use a homemade chocolate lollipop for? A cupcake topper! See, this way the entire cupcake is edible. Although I’m a fan of paper everything, I love the idea of being able to eat the entire cupcake… including the topper! I recently created these chocolate lollipop mustache toppers to adorn the cupcakes at Baby M’s Little Man party. Guests loved eating the toppers as well as the cupcakes. Plus the mustache shapes brought together the party theme perfectly.

You Will Need:

Candy Melts – Stick with the classic milk or dark chocolates or venture into a colorful assortment of white chocolates that are now available

Chocolate Candy Mold, Mustache Lollipop

4 1/2 inch lollipop sticks

Vegetable oil

Squeeze bottle or small spoon

Microwave safe bowl

Quick Note – Chocolate melts never last as long as they should. One bag made about twelve medium sized lollipops.

1. Put your chocolate melts into a bowl. Place into the microwave for 15 to 25 second intervals. Stir in between to evenly melt the chocolate.


2. Place the lollipop sticks in each chocolate mold. Push up to the end of the mold section. This will guarantee that your chocolate hardens securely on the lollipop.


3. Using a small spoon or squeeze bottle, depending on the size of your mold, fill each mold with melted chocolate. Place in the refrigerator for a our five minutes to harden.

4. Once hardened, pop each lollipop out of its mold. Use as a cupcake or cake topper or wrap up to give as a favor.


These chocolate lollipops were so easy to make. You could make almost any shape and color to match your party. Don’t want to use them as cupcake toppers? Add a set to the dessert table or even wrap up and give as guests as a favor to take home.

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