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Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game

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Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game - 15 Christmas Song Emoji Puzzles to Solve

Okay.  I have a question for you.  Have you started playing Christmas music yet?

So, I’ve been listening to it in the car.  Like on every trip we take.  And my husband thinks it’s a bit early.  He is definitely welcome to his opinion.

But the kids and I love it.  For some reason, I don’t seem to get tired of it. 

I figure I’m no longer putting up the tree on November 1st.  (I used to do this before I got married.  The change has been one of our compromises.)

Christmas music is just one of my things this time of year.  I am sure I could name most Christmas songs.  And I love playing more traditional ones on the piano.  

If you really enjoy Christmas music too, then this Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game is for you.  It features 15 different Christmas song puzzles made out of emoticons.  And I chose some of my favorites too.

Love Making these Puzzles

As I mentioned when I shared the Free Printable Baby Shower Emoji Game, I have always loved solving puzzles.  Something about these little brain teasers intrigues me.

Until recently, I didn’t know how much fun they are to make too.  This Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game was no different.  It was fun coming up with these little graphic puzzles for you to solve.

Each one features a Christmas carol.  Some are easier than others, but all of them are fun to solve.

Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game

How to Play this Christmas Song Emoji Game

This Christmas Song Emoji Game makes a great Christmas party game.  It is probably best for tweens and up, since you do need some background knowledge about your Christmas songs.  

You can play it as a group or make it an individual party activity.  For group play, split players into teams.  Then, give each team a game sheet.  Set a timer and see how many puzzles each team can solve in a specific amount of time.

If you prefer playing individually, give each person their own emoji game.  You can choose to set a timer or let guests work at their own pace.  The person who can answer the most puzzles correctly wins.

A Christmas Song Emoji Game is the perfect addition to any Christmas Party – Secret Santa Exchange, kids Christmas party, Breakfast with Santa or even your office Christmas party.

Start by downloading your Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game.  Then, print and play.  Couldn’t be easier.  The game is formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper, so regular copy paper will work.  If you prefer a harder stock, use a medium to heavy white cardstock.  (affiliates)

What About the Answers?

Don’t worry.  I haven’t left you stranded when it comes to a Christmas Song Emoji Game Answer Key.  You can download it here.

Be sure to print it for a quick reference guide during play.

Should I Give a Prize?

Just like all of the other Christmas party games that you play, giving a prize is completely up to you.  I usually base it on the event. 

If we’re playing this game together on Family Game Night, I do not provide prizes.  Play is just for fun.

But if you’re using this Christmas Emoji Game at your next Christmas party (of any sort), providing a prize is a great incentive and adds to the fun.  The best part is that since it’s a Christmas party, you can choose a holiday themed prize.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas game prizes. (affiliates)

Grab the Entire Christmas Game Set

Need more Christmas party games for your upcoming celebration?  This Christmas Emoji Song Game is featured in our new Santa Claus Christmas Party Game Set.  Since some might want adorable Christmas gnomes on their games instead, it’s also included with our Gnome Christmas Party Games Set

If you’re planning a Christmas party, be sure to stop by the shop to check out all of our new Christmas party games.  From guessing the Christmas cookie in this Christmas Cookie Quiz to seeing if you can answer the questions in this True/False Christmas Trivia Game.  Or even trying to solve the riddles for this Indoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt.  We have something to play that everyone will enjoy.

More Christmas Printables

We have lots of Christmas and holiday themed printables in our shop and on the blog. 

Love this Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.

Free Printable Christmas Song Emoji Game

Happy Celebrating,


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