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Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

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Making Christmas ornaments during the holiday season is one of my favorite craft times.  I love adding fresh looks to our Christmas tree.  Or using my creations to adorn the tops of presents.

Over the years, I’ve designed lots of different kinds of ornaments.  From using painted pasta shapes for these Pasta Christmas Ornaments to building snowmen out of recycled wine corks, there’s always something new to make this time of year.

There was a season of life when I couldn’t afford ornaments for my tree.  I was an office assistant at a lobbying firm in downtown Washington, D.C..  When I wasn’t filing paperwork or answering the phone, I spent hours perusing home goods websites for beautiful Christmas ornaments.  At the time, I loved the glass ones from Germany.

Eventually, I splurged one paycheck on a set.  But, six glass ornaments doesn’t make a tree.  So, I made the rest of the ornaments and filled in the branches.


Since then, making ornaments during Christmas has become sort of a tradition.  Now, we all gather in the craft room one weekend in late November to craft together.  I pick up lots of unique crafting materials throughout the year as well as must-have ornament making supplies (such as wood slices and clear ornament balls (affiliate)).  And then we create.

Our newly crafted ornaments hang from a special tree in the dining room.  This Christmas tree displays all of our handmade ornaments from over the years.  I love spending time just looking at it and admiring the story told in it’s branches.


This year, when browsing the aisles at our local craft store, I came across cinnamon sticks.  They smelled amazing, even still in the packaging.  If they smelled that great encased in plastic, I couldn’t imagine how the scent would be once I unwrapped them.

For these cinnamon stick ornaments, I made a Christmas tree and reindeer.  The Christmas tree cinnamon stick ornament uses three cinnamon sticks.  A red and white striped paper straw is the base and the cinnamon sticks create the tree’s branches.

For the reindeer, I made an upside down triangle for the face.  Then, I used googly eyes and a large red pom pom to make him look like a reindeer.  Yes, this reindeer is Rudolph.  If you don’t want to make a reindeer with a red nose, you could just use a brown pom pom instead.


Where Can I Find Cinnamon Sticks?

After I made these ornaments, the kids asked if I could also bake with these cinnamon sticks.  I think for food safety purposes that there’s a distinction between food safe cinnamon sticks and crafting cinnamon sticks.

For this craft, I would go the craft store for cinnamon sticks.  They usually have them during the holidays.  Or you could find them online here.

When choosing cinnamon sticks, look for ones that state that you can use them for crafting too.  For these cinnamon stick ornaments, you won’t need cinnamon sticks that are organic or a special kind of cinnamon.  Unless your family has a cinnamon allergy.

When choosing cinnamon sticks, check the length and width of the sticks.  The more even sized the sticks are, the easier the ornaments are to make.  And for the Christmas tree ornament, it’s easier to trim down thinner sticks than the thick ones.


How to Make Christmas Tree Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

You Will Need:

Red and White Striped Paper Straw (affiliate)

Cinnamon Sticks (affiliate)

Small Red Pom Poms (about 1 cm) (affiliate)

Medium Green Buttons or check out this Christmas variety (affiliate)

Star Punchoptional (affiliate)

Gold Glitter Cardstock

Red and White Baker’s Twine or Narrow Ribbon (affiliate)

Glue Gun (I recommend this low temp version if you’ll be making this craft with kids – affiliate)

1.  Choose three cinnamon sticks.  Place the first cinnamon stick at the base of the paper straw.  This is the tree’s first branch.

Next, cut the second cinnamon stick two thirds of the way down.  The big piece will be your second branch.  The small piece will become the fourth branch at the top of the tree.

Finally, cut the third cinnamon stick in half.  This will become the third branch.  Glue the cinnamon sticks onto the straw with the glue gun.

2. The cinnamon sticks should go about half way up the striped straw.  Once glued on, trim the striped paper straw to make the base of the tree.

3.  Decorate your Christmas tree.  Glue red pom poms and green buttons to the branches.

4.  Punch out a star from gold glitter cardstock using a star punch.  If you do not have a star punch, you can cut a star shape out by hand.  This would give your cinnamon stick ornament a more handmade look too.  Glue the star to the top of the cinnamon stick tree.

6.  Measure a 6 inch length of red and white baker’s twine.  Fold in half.  Holding both ends, tie a knot to make a loop.  Turn over your Christmas tree ornament.  Glue the baker’s twine loop onto the back for easy hanging.


How to Make Reindeer Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

You Will Need:

3 Cinnamon Sticks – about the same length and width (affiliate)

3/4″ Googly Eyes (affiliate)

Extra Large Red Pom Pom (affiliate)

Green and White Striped Baker’s Twine or Narrow Ribbon (affiliate)

Glue Gun (I recommend this low temp version if you’ll be making this craft with kids – affiliate)

1. Lay out two cinnamon sticks in an upside down point facing downward.  The angle should have about a four inch space at the top.  Glue together at the bottom so the tips are touching.

Next, add the third cinnamon stick across the top.  Glue it down.  This will help stabilize the cinnamon sticks so they keep the triangle shape.

2.  Glue on the two googly eyes.  Place one on each cinnamon stick.

3.  Glue the large pom pom where the cinnamon sticks come together.

4.  Measure a six inch length of baker’s twine.  Fold in half and loop at the end.  Glue the loop on the back of the top cinnamon stick for easy hanging.


Can I Make this Craft with a Group?

One really fun Christmas party idea is an ornament making party.  And these cinnamon stick ornaments are the perfect craft to include.

To make sure you have enough supplies for making the ornaments, purchase the cinnamon sticks in bulk (affiliate).

Also, when crafting as a group, it’s easier to have most of the materials pre-measured.  Be sure to cut the paper straws in half and pre-cut the cinnamon stick branches for the trees.

For the smaller items, such as buttons and pom poms, I like to organize them in muffin tins (affiliate).  This helps to keep small craft pieces from scattering.

Before getting started, have samples of each of the ornaments made for crafters to see as examples.  This will help them know what the final craft should look like.

Also, have the glue guns heating before crafters get started making.  Nothing is worse than starting a craft and discovering that your glue gun isn’t hot enough for assembly.

If you’re making this craft with kids, consider using low temp glue guns instead (affiliate).  They are a lot easier for little fingers to use and less likely that burns will occur.

Crafters may have their own creative ideas to make with cinnamon sticks.  I know my kids do.  Be sure to include lots of different supplies so they can create their own cinnamon stick ornaments from scratch.

Love these cinnamon stick ornaments and want to save for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


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Happy Celebrating,

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