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It’s finally happening.  After waffling back and forth the last couple of years, we have actually decided to take the family to Disney World.  Mickey here we come.

So although I’m not the biggest Disney fan in the world, the pandemic has made me crave for some non-stop family fun.  And my parents really want to go with the kids before they get too old.  (In my opinion, you’re never too old for Disney World.  It even brings the kid out in me.  But I think they were still hoping to witness the part where Little Bug gets super excited about princesses.  Although she claims she will always get excited about princesses.)

But either way, the trip has been planned for months.  And we are super excited.

The problem with planning a trip this big is that it feels like it’s never going to get here.  For awhile, our trip to Disney seemed like a far off dream.  Then, as the date has gotten closer, it’s hard to believe that we were only two months out.  Then, six weeks out.  And finally only four weeks are left.

When we started approaching the four week mark, I knew that it was time to start our countdown to Disney calendar.  And there’s no better way to countdown to Disney than with a calendar on the refrigerator. This Free Printable Countdown to Disney Calendar is a great way to help the kids (and you) visualize how many days were left before our trip.


What’s Special about this Countdown to Disney Calendar?

Although I might not be as into Disney as some of our friends (or even relatives), I do like a good time with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  When I designed this Free Printable Countdown to Disney Calendar, I researched the classic Disney colors to make sure the design stayed on theme.

The classic Disney colors are red, yellow and black, so these are the ones I used for the calendar design.  Also, I have a love for the Mickey ear balloons you used to be able to get in the parks.  It seems those have now been replaced with BB8 bobbing balloons and Frozen princess globes, but I still enjoy a good classic Mickey balloon.

So, I incorporated this classic image to represent each day.  Each set of balloon Mickey ears has a number in it to show the remaining days.

At the top of the calendar, I used the image of the castle at Magic Kingdom.  It really is the one thing (beyond balloons) that I think of when I imagine Disney World.  I also added a yellow watercolor splash and some fireworks.  Since you can’t visit Disney World without seeing the fireworks show.  At least once.


How Do I Print this Countdown to Disney Calendar?

First, you need to download your Free Printable Countdown to Disney Calendar.  You can download your Countdown to Disney calendar here.

After you’ve downloaded the design, you need to print it.

As for most of my printables, I like to use medium to heavy white cardstock.  This is my favorite white cardstock.  It’s made by Neenah Paper.  I love the smooth feel and it works in pretty much any printer.  Including both laser printers and ink jet.  You can find it here. (affiliate)

Where Do I Display my Countdown to Disney Calendar?

For our countdown to Disney calendar, I displayed it on the refrigerator.  It was an easy place where everyone could access it for each coloring.

Another idea is to place it in a picture frame with a clear glass front.  Then, you can use glass markers to color each day.  After your trip, you can wipe the glass clean and use again for your next Disney countdown.  This might be helpful if your family travels to Disney often.


What If I’m Going to Disneyland?

Since we are headed to Disney World, I made my first countdown to Disney calendar say “Disney World”.  But what if you’re heading to Disneyland in California?

I love Disneyland and it’s on my list to visit again one of these days.  I really want to go see the Cars movie area.  And I love the classic feel of the park.  It doesn’t seem as overwhelming as Disney does.

If you are heading to Disneyland, be sure to grab this Free Printable Countdown to Disney Calendar - Disneyland version here.  Then, you’ll be all set for your Disneyland Countdown.

Other Countdown to Disney Calendar Ideas

Don’t want to use a printable calendar to countdown to your trip to Disney?  There are lots of other creative ways for your family to countdown to your big family trip.  Check them out below. (affiliates)

Wooden Blocks Calendar

If you like a calendar that you can see and change daily, this wooden blocks Disney countdown calendar might be a good choice.  The entire family can enjoy flipping the blocks to countdown the days to your big trip.  And you can choose the amount you want to countdown.  You can choose from a minimum of 43 days to over a year of countdown fun.

Planner Stickers

If you’re using a planner to countdown or a family calendar, then adding Disney countdown planner stickers is a great way to keep track of your upcoming trip.  Place a sticker on each day.

Vacation Countdown Kit

For some, you might want to bigger countdown to Disney option.  This vacation countdown kit includes paper garlands for you to hang.  Just add the Disney themed stickers as you count down the days.  Perfect if you want a colorful decoration as you await your big trip.

Felt Ball Countdown

I love felt ball garlands and use them in decorating for parties all the time.  So, I adore this felt ball countdown to Disney.  Each felt ball is in classic Disney colors.  Hang the countdown vertically and more one felt ball for each day.  After you reach the end of the garland, you’re ready to head to Disney World.

Still need to download your Free Printable Disney Countdown Calendar?  You can download your Free Printable Countdown to Disney Calendar design here.  And if you’re headed to Disneyland, be sure to get your Free Printable Countdown to Disneyland Calendar here.

Love this design and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


And more importantly.  Have a great trip!

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