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Barnyard Party Cow Print Treat Bags and Favor Ideas

Favors are one of my favorite party elements.  Although a lot of people are saying that goodie bags have gone over the top, I think thoughtful favors is a sweet way to thank your guests for coming to the party.  Another aspect when thinking about favors is how you want to deliver them.  I love pretty and fun containers, especially those you can embellish yourself.

For the barnyard birthday party, I wanted a cow print bag.  Since I couldn’t find them any where, I decided to make this set of barnyard party cow print treat bags myself.

You Will Need:

Black paint

White Paper Gifts Sacks

Paint Brush


Favor Clips (We used the tags from the Barnyard Birthday Bash Collection and added mini clothespins to the back)

1.  Trace out random cow splotches on a white paper bag.  I worked with just the front of the bag because this was the only side seen and I needed to work quickly.  If desired, you can always paint both sides.

2.  With a paint brush, outline each cow splotch with black paint.  Then, fill in the cow splotches.  Let dry.

3.  Add two more coats of paint or until the splotches are the desired darkness.

4.  Fill your favor bag with fun barnyard themed favors.  Clip closed using a clothespin, paper clip or matching favor clip.

Now, what to fill the favor bags with… When looking for barnyard favor ideas, I was pretty disappointed by what I found.  I definitely side with staying away from candy if at all possible.  Many parents don’t like their kids near it and can be offended if you give it to them without asking.

Through my search, I found plenty of pig and cow themed favors and cow favors, but couldn’t locate more general farm favors.  It’s also very difficult to come up with favor ideas for the wide range of age groups – from one year olds to seven year olds – that were attending the party.  Here are the barnyard favors that I ended up including in the favor bag.

Little Piggy Hand Puppets

This adorable little puppet has become one of Little Bug’s favorite toys since she got him at her party.  She loves snuggling up with him.  I thought he was really cute and very soft.  All the kids loved playing with them and they were oinking away as they left the party.

Farm Animal Rubber Duckies

When I saw these, I couldn’t resist.  Rubber duckies dressed up as farm animals.  What will they think of next? Although a little small for Little Bug, she is allowed to gnaw on it with supervision.  My favorite is the cow.  Not sure whether to moo or quack, I think he’s so cute.  These also make wonderful bath toys for the kids to play with when they get home.

Cow Bells

I looked around for some kid friendly authentic farm favors and came across some cow bells.  They made wonderful party noisemakers and the loved ringing them.  Little Bug is a little small for hers, but I’m saving it for later.  I also used the bells as a decorative touch to the flower arrangements at the party.


What favor bag would be complete without some bubbles?  This age old classic is a favorite amongst kids of all ages.  They are great to play with at the party or when they get home.  I found 3 bottles for a dollar at the dollar store.  I added a personalized label to match the party design and we had pretty bubble bottles for everyone to enjoy.

Some other farm favor ideas that I didn’t use included candy.  There are these classic pig gummies from Gustaf’s and Mini Cowtail candies.  I wanted to stay away from the sweets (there was enough of that at the party), but they are still great ideas!

Happy Celebrating,

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