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Easy DIY Halloween Bat Decoration

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DIY Halloween Bat Decoration

The other day, as we headed out the door, the kids pointed up into the eaves of our front porch.  There hanging in the corner – probably scared as ever – was a tiny bat.

As wonderful as I know that bats are for the world and our environment (aka bug eaters), I still felt shivers going up my spine as I passed underneath him praying that he didn’t take flight.  You can just imagine my relief when I returned home and he had left.

Of course, the kids were pretty disappointed that we didn’t get to keep him as a pet.  They had already named him Bertie.

So, I promised we’d make a Halloween bat decoration this year instead.  This paper version of our bat friend is made from an eight inch black tissue paper ball.  You could use a bigger ball size if you would like to increase the size of the bat.  Or you could make a group of mini ones using five inch tissue paper balls.  Then you could cluster them together on a wall or they could also create a Halloween dessert table backdrop.

Here is how to make your own Halloween bat decoration.

You Will Need:

Honeycomb Tissue Paper Ball, 8″, Black (you will need one for each bat depending on how many you plan to make) (affiliate)

Black Cardstock

Free Printable Bat Wing Template

White Cardstock

2 Inch Squeeze Punch (affiliate)

Craft Punch – .75″ Circle (affiliate)

Pop Dots, White, 1/2-inch (affiliate)


White crayon/white colored pencil

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks (affiliate)

Materials you need to make Halloween bat decoration

1. Print out your Free Printable Bat Wing Template and cut it out.

Trace the wing onto a piece of black cardstock using a white crayon or colored pencil.  Flip the wing over and trace a second wing onto another piece of black cardstock.

Cut out your two wings.

2.  Punch out two circles from the white cardstock using a 2 inch punch.  Punch out two circles from the black cardstock using a 3/4″ inch punch.  Attach the small black circle the center of the white circle using a mini pop dot.  Repeat with the second circle.  These will be the bat’s eyes.

3.  Cut out two medium sized triangles from the black cardstock for the bat’s ears.

4.  Unfold the tissue paper ball and adhere the edges together to make a round ball.

Carefully, using a hot glue gun, glue the bat’s wings onto the back of the round ball.  Glue one wing onto each side.  Hold into place and let dry.

5.  Glue the eyes into place in the front of the tissue paper ball.

Attach the ears just above the eyes.

6.  Once your bat is dry, hang him from the ceiling, on the mantel or against the window.  You could also use him as a front door decoration to greet guests.

Easy Halloween bat decoration

We have really enjoyed having Bertie as a decoration this past week.  I keep reminding the kids that he’s better than a real one – less to pick up after.  Although I don’t think that they’re convinced yet, they sure do like saying hi to him.

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