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Free Printable Christmas Elf Planning Calendar

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The thing that I like best after Thanksgiving is putting up our Christmas tree.  After that, it’s the arrival of our Christmas elf Fritz.

Even though I had my doubts, I think the addition of Fritz last year was one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  After hearing from friends for years about the fun they had hosting a Christmas elf, I’m so glad that we decided to add this Christmas tradition to our family.

He brought so much joy to our holiday season.  From his crazy antics (see some of them here) to watching the kids hunt the house for him in the morning, who knew that one little elf could be so much fun.

The only problem with starting the elf tradition is that he is expected to move every day.  Or at least most days depending on how often you use elf excuses.

It can get difficult trying to think about a new creative location or antic for twenty four nights straight.  Especially in the middle of a busy Christmas season.

So, I created this Free Printable Christmas Elf Planning Calendar.  It’s the perfect place to organize all of your fantastic Christmas elf ideas. No matter what type of elf visits your home – a traditional Elf on the Shelf, Christmas kindness elf or even another fun elf from your childhood, this blank elf calendar will help you figure out what your elf will do all December long (affiliates).


How Do I Use this Christmas Elf Planner?

The best part about the internet is that it’s brimming with ideas on things to do with your elf.  And the worst part about the internet is that it’s brimming with ideas.

All of the Christmas elf inspiration can get overwhelming.  After awhile, you might not know where to even start.

That’s where this Christmas Elf Calendar comes in.  It’s the perfect place to jot down your favorite 24 ideas that you want to use with your elf this season.

To use, download your Free Printable Christmas Elf Calendar.  Then, print it on regular white copy paper.  If you want a more durable copy, you can print a medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).

There is a number for each day your elf will be visiting.  In each calendar square, write down the place where your elf will be or the antic he will be doing.  For example, if I plan for him to watch tv in the family room, I would jot that down in the box.

When organizing my elf planner, I try to vary where and what he’s doing each night.  If one night he is just hanging out somewhere, then the next I might plan a more complicated activity.  Such as bathing in marshmallows or playing ring toss.

After you write in where and what he’s doing, be sure to jot down any materials you might need.  It helps when looking ahead for the week.  If I know I need to locate a supply or print something out (our Elf printables can help save you lots of time), then I can do it in advance.

The best part about this elf calendar is that it isn’t set up to coordinate to an actual calendar.  This means that you can use it again and again.

Just keep the calendar at the end of each season so that you can reference what your elf did the previous year.  It will help with future planning.


How Do I Come Up with Ideas to put on the Elf Planning Calendar?

As I mentioned above, the internet has thousands of creative elf ideas to use.  It’s just a matter of searching.

You can check out our Ultimate Elf Ideas post here for lots of creative elf inspiration.  I’m constantly adding to it during the Christmas holiday to update everyone about our own elf’s shenanigans.

Another place to find ideas is our Christmas Elf Fun board on Pinterest.  Here I pin all of the elf ideas that I’ve found, tried and loved.  There are hundreds of ideas to get you started with your own elf fun.

And if you’re looking for some help to bring your favorite ideas to life, be sure to check out the Christmas elf printables in our shop.  This is a great way to save time when staging your elf’s antics.  They can also give you some inspiration for more creative elf ideas of your own.

Where Can I Get my Own Christmas Elf?

When most people think about a Christmas elf these days, the Elf on the Shelf comes to mind.  We welcomed Fritz, our Christmas elf, last year.  I really liked his size and quality.  Plus the story he came with was quite cute.  Here is the one that I picked out (affiliate).

When choosing a Christmas elf, though, you don’t have to pick an Elf on the Shelf.  You can also host a kindness elf for the season or a little do-gooder holiday elf (affiliates).  They can still get into some antics, but also spread kindness all around.  Instead of planning silly things for him to do during the season, focus on different acts of kindness that he (and your family) could do.

You could also use another Christmas elf doll.  Many people have adorable little elf decorations from their childhood that would make a wonderful Christmas elf.  Or you could find one at a thrift store.  It doesn’t matter what your elf looks like.  All elves spread magic and joy.

Ready to grab your Free Printable Elf Planning Calendar? Be sure to download your Free Printable Elf Calendar here.

Love this idea and want to pin for later?  Pin below so you can download your elf calendar later.


And if you’re looking for more Christmas elf ideas, be sure to check out our list of Favorite Elf Names (naming an elf can be hard work) and our Elf Scavenger Hunt Ideas.

Do you have Christmas elf ideas that you want to share?  Be sure to leave them in the comments below.  We always love seeing new elf inspiration!

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