Christmas Elf Ring Toss

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Tis the season for elf antics to begin.  Fritz, our Christmas elf, arrived on December 1st as he does every year.  And we are so excited to see what kinds of mischief he will get into this year.

So far, it’s been pretty mild.  He set up our play nativity set and delivered advent calendars (affiliate).  Today, he is mixed up with the kissing reindeer.

Oh, and he mistakenly ate a candy cane he was supposed to hold onto for “safe keeping”.  Because elves are so good at keeping candy canes safe.  I told my little that I didn’t think he understood her instructions, but she is still pretty mad.


I hear he will be enjoying this elf ring toss next.  It turns out that making miniature versions of things for our elf to enjoy has become a new hobby.  Ever since reading the book Mouse Mansion (affiliate), I have loved exploring creative ways to make miniatures.  It’s so much fun making things on a smaller scale.


The best part about this elf ring toss is that it’s easy to make and a great elf antic to set up.  You just need a couple of craft supplies and you’ll be ready to make.

You Will Need:

2 Mini Popsicle Sticks (affiliate)

Pipe Cleaners (I used these holiday sparkly ones here – affiliate)

Paper Straw (red or green striped is quite festive – affiliate)

Glue Gun (affiliate)

1. Lay out the mini popsicle sticks in a cross.  Place some hot glue in the middle and attach together.

2.  Cut a 2 inch portion from the paper straw.  Add a dab of glue in the center of the popsicle sticks.  Attach the paper straw piece.

3.  Roll the rings.  Cut the pipe cleaners in half.  Roll the pipe cleaner into a one inch circle.  Wrap the end around the circle to attach.

Then, attach the other end to create the ring shape.


Set your elf up to play ring toss.  I placed the game near him with some rings on the stand.  Then, I added a couple rings that missed.  Of course, I included one in his hand so it looked like he was throwing it.

How Do I Start a Christmas Elf Tradition?

Starting a Christmas elf tradition is super easy.  It just takes a little planning and a Christmas elf.

These days the Elf on the Shelf (affiliate) is the go to elf for many.  I really like the Elf on the Shelf because you can choose the perfect elf to fit your family.

If you want to try a different elf, I have seen them a lot this season at vintage shops.  I think it’s kind of sweet to give a well loved elf a second home.

Another idea is to host kindness elves for the season (affiliate).  These little elves spread joy and kindness throughout the holiday season and the year.  Or these little Do-Gooders look like they could also cause some mischief and kindness (affiliate).

After you’ve your chosen your Christmas Elf, it’s time to name him (or her).  Check out all of these wonderful elf name ideas.  It’s hard to just choose one.

Then, plan some fun with your Christmas Elf.  According to the story, the original Elf on the Shelf arrives from the North Pole each December and monitors the kids behavior.  As well as gets into some of his own trouble.  Each morning, he returns in a new spot.

Which I guess is proof that he went back to the North Pole in the first place.

I have found that as my littles have gotten older, our Christmas Elf is less focused on monitoring behavior and has actually become more fun.  I love planning his little antics each day.  It’s been such a joy watching how excited everyone gets to see what trouble he is causing now.

If you need help planning for your Christmas elf’s stay, be sure to check out this Free Printable Elf Planning Calendar.  It’s a great way to organize all of your elf fun for the month of December.


What Other Ideas Can I Do with My Elf?

Looking for other antics that you Christmas elf can get into?  There are lots of ideas in our Christmas Elf Guide.

Some of my favorites have been this Elf Scavenger Hunt that he set up for the kids last year.  We also have found him having fun in the ball pit and giving us festive things to do for the day.  Such as make ornaments together or build a holiday Lego set. (affiliates)

I have collected some of my favorite Christmas elf ideas on my Christmas Elf Fun board here.  There’s a little something to match every elf’s personality.

Love this Christmas elf idea?  Be sure to pin it below.


Looking for other Christmas fun?  Check out this variety of Christmas crafts and activities you can enjoy this holiday season.

Happy Celebrating,


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