How to Make Food Tent Cards

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Of all of the party decorations that I think is most necessary at a party, food tent cards are at the top of my list. Most other decorations are pretty and nice to have, but food tent cards serve the very important role of telling your guests about all of the party goodies they will enjoy.

Whether typed or handwritten, food tent cards can be used to label desserts, tell guests about activities or even serve as place cards at a dinner. Each card is made from a rectangle or circle shape and folded down the middle. They can come in coordinating party patterns, colors and fonts.


Although you can purchase pre-folded cards in some specialty shops, making them yourself is simple. Just print the design, cut and fold. Such an easy way to add a coordinating touch to any celebration.  Here are some tips on how to make food tent cards.

You Will Need:

Edited and printed cards
Bone Folder
Scissors or Cutting Board
Standard Scoring Board (optional, but recommended if you make food tent cards often)

1. Print out your favorite food tent card design on heavy cardstock. Depending on your printer, I recommend 90 to 110 pound. Select a design that matches your party theme or colors.


2. Cut out each card.

3. Line up the food tent card on the scoring board, printed side down. Mark the exact middle of the card.


4. Run the bone folder down the center of the card, pressing hard to make a fold. Depending on the weight of your cardstock, repeat two to three times.

5. Carefully fold your card at the crease. If the edges do not match up perfectly, trim the excess.


6. If your cards do not have written names, handwritten them on the cards. You could also use printed labels for the typed look.

Food tent cards are such a fantastic addition to any party and really a detail that shouldn’t be missed.  And the best part… they’re so easy to make that you’re sure to add them to every celebration, big or small.

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