One of my favorite holiday decorating activities as a child was making paper chains.  I loved cutting long strips of construction paper (this was before decorative cardstock was readily available) and attaching them together to make a beautiful paper decoration.  For entire afternoons before a big holiday celebration, you would find me in my room – making paper chains.  I’d combine colors based on the holiday – red/green for Christmas, orange/black for Halloween and red/white/blue for Fourth of July – and cut and glue for hours.

Much to my mother’s dismay, I would hang these paper chains everywhere.  They’d be dangling from windows, along the tops of doorways and even be wrapped around the stair banister.  What delightful fun I would have with paper!


Although Little Bug is too young yet to relish in the joys of paper chain making, I decided that it was time to spruce up the studio for Fourth of July.  We were in desperate need of some fresh red, white and blue themed decorations.  So, I created this whimsical free printable Fourth of July paper chain decoration for you to enjoy creating with your kids.


To make, simply print out your free printable Fourth of July paper chain.  Cut out the strips of paper using a paper cutter or scissors.  Attach each strip together using a glue stick (I find that this is the fastest and easiest way to adhere most paper together).


This is the perfect activity for a lazy summer afternoon.  You’d be surprised how much kids delight in the idea of attaching together paper rings.  And, like me, I’m sure they’ll want to hang them everywhere too!   Ours are currently along the windows and fireplace mantel.  I can’t believe Fourth of July is almost here.


Download your free printable Fourth of July paper chain here.

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  1. My kids LOVE making paper chains. It’s something so easy that they can do on their own and be involved on decorations. I never thought about making them themes.

  2. It’s one of my favorite types of decorations. I can’t wait to add a variety of holiday and party themed ones to the shop. I love using paper beyond just the ordinary colored cardstock.

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