8 Free Printable Baby Shower Games Guests will Enjoy

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Date, time and location of baby shower.  Check.

Menu. Check

Entertainment that guests will actually enjoy.  Not so sure.

One of the hardest parts when planning a baby shower is figuring out what guests will do.  After greeting mom-to-be, saying hello to some long time friends and grabbing a bite to eat, deciding on the rest of the baby shower’s agenda isn’t that easy. 

It’s difficult to pick party games and activities that all the guests will enjoy.  And want to participate in.

That’s where printable baby shower games come in.  They are easy to make and fun to play. 

My favorite part, though, is how guests interact with these types of baby shower games.  There’s no getting messy, so guests that are more shy can participate with confidence.  They also spark conversation, which is a plus at any gathering.  And guests usually enjoy them.  Like really enjoy them.

Why Should I Plan Baby Shower Games?

Baby shower games are great entertainment at a baby shower.  They are a fun way to get guests socializing together without it being awkward.  Some games also let guests get to know the mom-(and sometimes dad)-to-be better.  Which is a plus if you’re inviting family and friends they haven’t seen in awhile.

You can also choose games that allow guests to get to know each other.  Many baby shower guest lists include an assortment of family and friends.  Although some guests might break the ice easily, you can use a game to help them learn more about each other.  

And you never know when you might spark a new friendship.  I have had friends meet each other at these events and leave with a new bestie.  True story.

How Do I Choose Which Baby Shower Games to Use?

When planning your baby shower, it’s important to find the right balance between playing games, opening gifts and mingling with other guests and mom-to-be.  Although some activities might overlap, you don’t want to spend the entire celebration just playing games.  

To choose the best number of games to plan, consider how long the baby shower will be and how many guests you will have.  Also, think about if any of the games will overlap with each other.  

For example, Baby Shower Bingo is usually played when the mom-to-be is opening gifts.  So, this counts as two activities in one.

Most baby showers last between 2.5 and 3 hours.  So you should have time to play 3 to 5 games in this time frame.   You will want to have enough games to keep everybody busy, but not too many so guests feel rushed.

The number of games you choose also needs to be offset if you have any other activities.  Baby shower activities such as decorating bibs, making an ABC book for baby or coloring baby blocks should be considered when you’re planning your event timeline.  If you have an activity or two that you plan to do, then select fewer games.

Also, make sure that you have at least one game planned as a back-up.  This will give you something to do if the guests play the planned games faster then you think.  And it’s okay to choose five games to play and only actually play three of them.  Just be sure to prioritize the ones that you really want to play first, so you don’t run out of time.


Photo courtesy of Nick Fewings

Do I Need Baby Shower Prizes?

The short answer is yes.  Baby shower prizes are super fun and a must for a successful baby shower.  They provide motivation for participating.  And who doesn’t like to take a little unexpected treat home from an event. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and purchase over the top prizes, though.  For the first baby shower that I hosted, I bought pairs of socks from the Dollar Tree. (affiliate) And guests loved them.

When choosing baby shower prizes, think about something small that your guests will enjoy.  Most importantly, stay away from junk.  You know.  The stuff that will be thrown in a drawer and never see the light of day.

My favorite baby shower prizes are things that can be consumed.  A specialty chocolate bar.  Homemade bath bomb.  Or favorite snack of the mom-to-be.

In case you aren’t sure where to start, check out some creative baby shower prize ideas here. 

How to Print Baby Shower Games

These free printable baby shower games are formatted as two 5″ x 7″ cards on an 8.5″ x 11″ letter size page.  To print, I recommend medium weight cardstock (here’s one of my favorite typesaffiliate).  This way the games are sturdier for writing on.  

You can also use regular white copy paper if preferred, but you will definitely need something to for guests to lean on for writing.

Print using an at home printer (see our favorites here) or send your designs to a print shop.  Our favorite online print shop is Prints of Love (affiliate).  They are an affordable and fast online printing option.

You can also purchase these games printed from our Zazzle shop.

For these free printable baby shower games, you will need to have them printed on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock.  Then, you can trim them using a paper trimmer to make individual games. (affiliate)

If you need individual 5″ x 7″ cards, be sure to check out our shop.  We have an assortment of printable baby shower games in this sizing for print shop printing.

What Other Supplies Do I Need?

Just like with our scavenger hunts, guests will need a surface to write on.  One idea is to hand out children’s books for guests to lean on. 

Or you can use these mini clipboards (affiliate).  The cards will attach to the clip for easy playing.

You will also need something to write with.  I love these personalized mini pencils.  You can choose the color (such as pink for a girl baby shower) and customization.  They are such a cute addition to any baby shower.  Or you can use retractable gel pens in different colors.  And did I mention.  They are also glittery! (affiliates). 

How Do I Get the “Rustic” Look?

If you prefer a more “rustic” look for your baby shower, you can print these games on Kraft cardstock.  Simply load your printer with Kraft cardstock instead of white.  

For a heavier Kraft cardstock, this 110 pound cover stock should give your baby shower games a sturdy feel.  If your printer doesn’t like heavier cardstocks, then this 75 pound cover stock might be a better choice.  (affiliates)

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Here are eight of my favorite free printable baby shower games.  I designed games that I have enjoyed playing at baby showers in the past and moms-to-be have requested over and over.

To check out our full assortment of baby shower games, be sure to stop by our shop.  Here you can find LOTS of different baby shower games and activities to fit baby showers big and small.


Baby Wishes

This is one of my favorite baby shower games.  Although, it might be considered more of an activity.  To play, guests write wishes to the new baby.  I still have mine from my baby shower.  It’s so sweet some of the things our family and friends hoped for our new little one.

I ended up putting them in a 5″ x 7″ photo album (affiliate).  We enjoy reading through them when we reminisce over their days as babies.  Plus, it’s great to see which of the baby wishes came true.

You can download your Free Printable Baby Wishes here.


Baby Shower Bingo

Bingo is a classic party game that most guests will know and love.  For this baby shower bingo, guests write a possible gift in each box.  As the mom-to-be opens her baby shower gifts, guests mark the ones that are received.  The first guest to complete bingo (five in a row) wins.

Why are the boxes blank?  There are two variations of baby shower bingo.  One has baby shower gifts pre-printed in the cards.  This can be another fun way to play.  

But I have found that the gifts listed on the pre-printed Bingo cards aren’t always the things that guests bring.  No matter how generic I, as the designer, try to make them.

By giving guests a blank card, they can look at the shapes and sizes of the gifts.  Using this as a guide, it can be a fun activity for guests to guess what’s in them.  

Either way, playing baby shower bingo is an easy and fun baby shower game.  For this version, I designed bingo cards that are blank.  You can find pre-filled ones in our shop here.

Download your Free Printable Baby Shower Bingo Cards.


Baby Name Race

Have some baby names on the mind?  For this fun baby shower game, guests see if they can come up with a baby name for every letter of the alphabet. 

To play, choose an amount of time to brainstorm ideas.  Maybe around ten minutes.  Then, let guests write down baby names.  After time is up, the guest who came up with the most baby names wins.

You can download the Free Printable Baby Name Race Game here.


Baby Shower Guess Who Game

This Mommy or Daddy guessing game is a great addition to a co-ed baby shower.  Guests guess whether Mommy or Daddy said or did the statement.  

To play this game, you will need to give a game card to the parents-to-be before the baby shower.  They will need to answer each statement as best they can.  This game card serves as the answer guide.

At the baby shower, guests answer each statement by circling the mustache or lips.  Then, compare guests’ answers to mom and dad’s.  The guest with the most correct answers, wins.

You can download the Free Printable Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game here


Baby Word Scramble

In this puzzle game, guests need to unscramble baby related words.  I included easy words such as “rattle” and hard ones like “pediatrician”.  It’s a great game choice for guests who enjoy solving puzzles or crosswords.  

When playing, I suggest setting a time limit.  Then, see how many words players can guess correctly in that amount of time.  The person who unscrambles the most words wins.

There is also an answer key included.  Just in case anyone is having trouble figuring out what the words are.

You can download the Free Printable Baby Word Scramble here.


Animal Gestation Match

All animals have babies.  But do guests know how long different animals are pregnant?

See if you can stump your baby shower guests with this Free Printable Animal Gestation Match.  I found this baby shower game to be a great choice for trivia loving guests.  And it’s really interesting too.  I mean who knew that a hippo has up to a 250 day gestation period.

To play, guests match the gestation period to the correct animal.  The person with the most correct matches wins.

You can download the Free Printable Animal Gestation Match here.

You can find the answers to the Animal Gestation Match here.


Baby Guess the Price

One of my favorite things to do when I was home sick from school as a kid was watch The Price is Right.  It was a great way to learn economics and the show won bonus points if they played “Plinko” (affiliate).  I loved that game.

Although this Baby Shower Guess the Price game is a little different, it’s fun to see how close players can guess to the actual price of each item.  To play, show players an image or actual item.  Then, players estimate how much they predict each item costs. 

To make it even more hands on, you could set up a table with each item and a hidden price tag.  Then, players can browse and touch each item before guessing.  

After players write down their predictions, reveal the price of each item.  The player with the nearest price wins a point.  The person with the most points wins the game.

Another variation… you could award a prize for each item. So, the player that guesses the closest price of a specific item wins something.  And then so on.  If you choose to play this way, select smaller prizes so there can be more of them.

You can download the Free Printable Baby Shower Guess the Price Game here.


Baby Guesses

When I hosted baby showers for my friends a number of years ago (trying not to date myself), we used to do baby predictions.  Basically, guests tried to guess the baby’s birth date, weight and eye color.  

These days, the original baby predictions game has had a facelift.  Instead, of making predictions about baby, you ask guests to make Baby Guesses.  I like this design better because there is much less to think about.  In this version of the game, players focus on four or five things.

After players fill in their guesses, collect the cards.  Once baby has arrived, compare the answers.  The player with the most closest answers wins.

For a baby shower prize for this game, I recommend a gift card.  Maybe something to their favorite coffee shop or cupcake bakery.  This is flat and easy to mail if the guest lives further away.

You can download your Free Printable Baby Guesses Game here.

Looking for printable baby shower games to match your theme? 

I love baby shower themes.  They give a cohesive feel to any baby shower.  We are so excited to add new printable baby shower games to our shop that feature lots of different themes.  Be sure to check them out here.

And if you’re looking for a different baby shower game, we have lots more to choose from there too.  From What’s on Your Phone? to an Animal Babies Match and Baby Item ABC, there are lots of great baby shower games that guests are sure to enjoy.

Love these Free Printable Baby Shower Games and want to save them for later?  Be sure to pin them below.


And if you’re planning a baby shower, be sure to check out our Free Baby Shower Checklist.  It’s an easy way to keep all of your baby shower details organized.  And make sure that you don’t forget anything when planning your big event.

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