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Free Printable Bunny Ears

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Every Easter, our family hosts the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  There are eggs, Easter themed treats and, with some luck, lots of sunshine.

I also like to set up a kids craft table to keep little hands busy while waiting for the official egg hunt to begin.  And one thing they love to make are bunny ears to wear.  The kids are so cute hopping around the yard, hunting for Easter eggs in bunny ears.  Absolutely adorable.


The good news is that making Easter bunny ears is really simple.  You just need these Free Printable Bunny Ears, scissors and a stapler.


Download your Free Printable Bunny Ears here..  The design is for traditional white bunny ears.  But, if the kids want a more colorful option, invite them to color or decorate their ears.  I usually leave out markers, crayons, stick on gemstones (affiliate) and Easter stickers (affiliate).

Print out your Free Printable Bunny Ears on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  You can find more printing tips in our guide here.

Trim the bunny ears around the dashed lines.

Then, trim the rectangles out too.

Lay out one rectangle piece (you will have three).  Attach the ears to the center of the rectangle with Glue Dots (affiliate) or staple them.

Next, attach the two other rectangles to the end of each side.


Holding up the headband, determine where center is.  Attach the bunny ears to either side of the center point.

Although you can you white glue, this takes awhile to dry.  Instead, adhere the bunny ears using Glue Dots (affiliate) or a hot glue.  Expert Tip: The ears also tend to stay on better this way once the hopping starts.


Measure the bunny ears around the child’s head.  Staple together where the rectangles overlap.  Trim off the excess paper on both sides.  The headband should be loose enough to slide on and off, but doesn’t fall in front of their face.


How Can I Use Bunny Ears at an Easter Party?

Homemade Easter bunny ears make a perfect accessory to an Easter egg hunt, bunny party or other springtime gathering.  There are lots of ways to use the bunny ears at a celebration.

When I helped run our parent group’s annual Easter egg hunt, I made the bunny ears in advance for all of the kids attending.  This saved time for other activities and every child had a pair in time for the Easter egg hunt.

I left the bunny ears flat instead of attaching the headband together.  This way they were easier to decorate and the parents could measure them to fit their child’s head.

Once the kids had a set of bunny ears, they could go over to the decorating station.  Here they could color them with markers and crayons.  There were also stick-on gems (affiliate) and Easter stickers (affiliate) to make them extra pretty.

Since the bunny ears are made out of cardstock and kids can be rough, there’s a possibility that not all sets of ears will make it to the egg hunt time.  Have a couple extra pairs on hand.  Or wait to hand them out until right before the egg hunt.

Another idea is to set up making bunny ears as one of your Easter party activities.  Print out your Free Printable Bunny Ears before the party.  Depending on the ages of your guests, you can pre-cut the ears or have the kids cut them out.

(If you are a perfectionist and want the ears to look pristinely cut, then I recommend cutting them in advance.  Kids cutting can be a bit lopsided.  And it might cause extra frustration that you weren’t anticipating.  Plus, you would need enough kid safe scissors. (affiliate))

Once the ears are cut out, assemble them on the first rectangle.  Then, let the kids decorate the ears and band with crayons and markers.  This will make the ears one of a kind.

After the ears are looking their best, attach the second two rectangles and help the child create the headband.  Be sure to add their name to the inside of the band in case they take them off.

Ready to make your own set of bunny ears? Download your Free Printable Bunny Ears here.

And if you want to save these bunny ears for your celebration later, be sure to pin below.


Looking for some more free Easter printables?

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And if you love to make Bunny Bait, these Free Printable Bunny Bait tags are the perfect way to gift this delicious treat!

There are so many ways to celebrate this joyous holiday.

Happy Celebrating,

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