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DIY Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Kit

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I love giving little gifts to our neighbors’ families during the holidays.  We have a lot of neighbors, though, so buying each family something is out of our holiday budget.

Instead, I love to make gifts for them to enjoy as a family.  Our DIY gingerbread cookie decorating kit is the perfect little treat to give to friends at the holidays.

Although you can purchase pre-made gingerbread cookie kits (affiliate) at your local craft store, it’s even more fun to make the gingerbread cookie decorating kit yourself.  The ingredients will be fresher and, if you have to make a lot of them, then you can cut down on costs by buying (and baking) in bulk. 

These kits are perfect holiday hostess gifts when visiting someone’s house, favors for a gingerbread man party or just a nice treat to leave on someone’s doorstep to say thanks for being such a great neighbor.

Using our gingerbread cookie kit printables, your kit can even give your gingerbread cookie decorating kit a professional look.  What a fun treat to surprise your friends and family with during the holidays!

You will need:

Small Kraft Gable Boxes (affiliate)

Mini Squeeze Bottles (for frosting) (affiliate)

6 Storage Stackable Containers for Beads Crafts (for sprinkles) (affiliate)

Quick Note:  I used a stackable round container to fit the 2.5″ round label.  These can get a bit expensive if you want to make multiple kits.  You could also place sprinkles in sealable cello bags.  Then place the sticker label on top. 

Holiday Sprinkles and Decorations

Gingerbread Cookies (our favorite recipe is here)

Red Tissue Paper or red paper shred (affiliate)

Gingerbread Cookie Kit printables

Full Sheet Printable Sticker Paper (affiliate)

White Cardstock

2.5″ Circle Punch (affiliate)


1. Print you gingerbread cookie kit printables.  Print using full label paper and cut out the labels.

2.  Make the royal icing.  You can include only vanilla royal icing (which looks the best on gingerbread cookies) or color some of your royal icing different colors.  (If you are using sugar cookies instead of gingerbread cookies, then you will probably want to include at least one more color).

Put the royal icing into the mini squeeze bottles.  Add icing labels to the front of your squeeze bottles.


3.  Set up your decorations kit.  Pour your decorations into your containers – one decoration per a container.  Some decoration ideas include decorations could include sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, gum drops, gummy bears, white chocolate chips, crushed peppermint and jelly beans.

Place a decorations label on the front of your kit.

4.  Bake your gingerbread cookies and let cool.  Include one cookie to each member of the family.  If your kit is for a bigger family, then you could use a regular sized gable box. Package the cookies in clear cello bags and tie with a ribbon.

Place your gingerbread cookie kit label on the outside of the box.


5.  Add red tissue paper or paper shred to the bottom of the box.  Add the decoration box and two bottles of royal icing.  Carefully place the gingerbread cookies on top of the box.  Tie a gift tag on the box if desired.

Give your gingerbread cookie decorating kit to friends, neighbors, holiday visitors or even leave one out for Santa to enjoy while delivering presents on Christmas Eve.

Not ready to make your cookie decorating kits yet?  Then, pin me for later.


You can find all of the gingerbread cookie kit printables featured in this post in our shop here.

Happy Celebrating,


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