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Glitter and Polka Dotted Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Polka dots and Easter eggs, they just seem like two things that should go together. At least that’s what I thought when I saw this adorable Easter egg tree in one of my favorite holiday decor stores – The Christmas Attic.  This little shop is a great place for seasonal inspiration. I enjoy strolling around with my Iphone camera and snapping photos of their beautiful displays.

Photo from The Christmas Attic – Alexandria, Virginia

Whenever I see colorful Easter decorations this time of year, I immediately fall in love.  I either desperately want to take them all home or decide that I need to find a way to replicate the look.  These polka dotted Easter eggs were no different.  Since I couldn’t take home the dozen I wanted for my tree, a new DIY project was born.

As to the glittered eggs, who doesn’t want to add a little more sparkle to their holiday?  Plus, they matched the egg garland that I had to have for my fireplace mantel perfectly.

You Will Need:

1 dozen brown paper mache eggs (sold individually or in a package)

Acrylic paint – 1 large bottle of white and smaller bottles of detail colors (I chose traditional Easter colors, but bolder colors would also be pretty.)

Modge Podge – Glossy Finish

Foam brushes

Fine white glitter

Egg cups (optional – but helpful for drying the painted eggs on)

Cork stoppers – for polka dotted eggs

Thin ribbon (for hanging)

Eye head needles (sold in the jewelry section)



1. Paint the base coat of the eggs white. It took 3 coats of paint to get them the bright white I wanted. Be sure to let them dry in between coats – it let’s the next one apply better. After your third coat, let the eggs dry for about an hour.

2.  You can leave the eggs white or paint them a variety of springtime colors such as pink, purple, yellow, and green.  I used two coats of paint on each egg to get brighter finish.  If you decide to leave them white, add one more coat at this time.  Let the eggs dry for another hour.

3. For polka dotted eggs, choose your polka dot colors.  My favorite eggs had dots of two different colors on them.  To get the polka dot the right size, I used the narrow part of a cork stopper.  Stoppers can be found in wood craft area of the craft store.  If a stopper is not available, try a foam stamp or make a potato stamp.  Dip the narrow part of the cork in the paint and dab on the egg.  Continue decorating with polka dots. Let the egg dry in the egg cup.  Once dry, touch up any areas if necessary.  For a glossy finish, paint on a coat of Modge Podge.  Let the eggs dry overnight.

4.  For glitter eggs, cover the egg with a coat of Modge Podge.  Sprinkle glitter on top and shake off excess onto a plate.  Let dry.

5.  Once dry, it is time to hang the eggs. Create a small hole in the top of the egg.  Tap a thumbtack with a hammer into the top.

Push an eye head needle into the hole, bending it along the way to help it stay in.  Some needles secured easily while others needed a little more work, so play with your bending to a snug fit.

6.  Thread a six inch piece of ribbon through the eye hole.  Tie with a bow at the top.

I hung my ornaments on my Easter tree centerpiece, but they would also add a colorful Easter touch to a mantel garland, along a stair rail, or as a place card decoration for Easter dinner.

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