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Golf Cupcakes with Free Printable Golf Flags

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Spring is in the air.  Well, sort of.  It might be another couple of weeks until we really get some spring green around here.  Alright, maybe more than a couple.  But a girl can hope.

In the mean time, if you are a golf fan, you can at least dream about hitting the links.  You know.  A warm spring morning when the dew is still coating the grass and you have already hit the first tee.

Yeah, that should help you get in the mood.

It turns out that bunny birthday and garden parties aren’t the only popular spring soirees.  Golf parties also hold a place of honor this time of year.

The best part about a golf party is that any one can have one.  You can be young or old.  Love the game or just warming up to it.  Doesn’t really matter.  Golf parties are fun.  And a great way to get creative with your party decor.

Golf Cupcakes

So, I am really excited to share these really fun golf cupcakes with you.  I created these free printable golf flags to put on top.  You can make these golf cupcakes to celebrate the first day of the season, a girls’ luncheon or your son’s first hole in one.  Even if it was just when he was playing mini golf.

To make these golf cupcakes, I started with pre-made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream from my favorite local bakery.  Some of my favorite cupcakes to make are those that I don’t actually have to bake myself.  It turns out that you can really dress up a bakery made cupcake for your event without all of the fuss of turning on the oven.

How to Make Golf Cupcakes

On top of the golf cupcakes, I sprinkled dark green sanding sugar(affiliate) for the golf green.  You can also pour some of the sanding sugar into a bowl and dip the top of the cupcake in.  This also helps flatten the top a little bit.

What Do I Use for the Golf Ball?

When I originally made these cupcakes, I used a 1″ white gumball (affiliate).  If you have time to plan ahead, this is a great candy to use.  

But if you are making these golf cupcakes and there are no white gumballs for miles, you might have to get more creative.  Yes, this did just happen to me.

You can also use any “round” white candy.  Round is in quotes since it doesn’t have to be perfectly sphere to get the same effect.  I used yogurt covered raisins.  You could also try white Sixlets (affiliate).  Get creative if you must.  It’s usually the part guests will eat first any way.

How to Make Golf Tee Flags

You will need:

White Lollipop Sticks, 4-1/2 Inch (affiliate)

Free printable Golf Flag Design – blue version or pink version

Craft Scissors

Glue Dots Craft Dots  (affiliate)

1. Print out your free printable golf flag design.  There are two different designs – a blue version and a pink one.  You can choose to make your flags one color or mix them up.

For the golf flag design, I included all of the numbers so you could create a set of golf cupcakes that represented an actual golf green.  If you are interested in just one number, you can find the editable version in our shop here.

Cutting out golf flags for golf cupcakes

2.  Cut out your golf flags using scissors.  

Placing Glue Dot in center of golf flag

3.  Place a Glue Dot in the center of the flag. 

Add the white lollipop stick to the center of the flag.  I usually place the flag about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the stick.  This way you have some of the flag stick poking out of the top like a real golf flag stick.

Attach the tips of the golf flag to create the golf cupcake topper

4.  Use another Glue Dot to attach the flag tips together.

Golf Cupcakes

5.  Place your golf flag on top of your cupcake.  Sprinkle green sanding sugar on top for the golf green (affiliate). 

Add a white 1″ gumball (affiliate) – see note above – for the golf ball near the flag stick.  This will make the golf ball look like it’s ready to roll into the hole.

Golf Cupcakes

Your golf cupcakes are the perfect dessert for a golf birthday, baby shower or even a treat after a hard played round of mini golf.  Not quite ready to make your own golf cupcakes?  Pin me for later…

How to make golf cupcakes

And speaking of golf birthday parties… We have a wonderful assortment of golf party invitations and party decor in our shop.  There is everything you need to throw a golf party that’s sure to be a hole in one.

Looking for editable golf tee flags?  Many of you wonderful party enthusiasts want to make these golf tee flags with only ONE number – instead of all 18 holes.  We are excited to introduce editable golf tee flags in our shop.  Now you can customize all of the tee flags in the design to be a single number.  Any number that you need.  These are perfect for a first birthday, adult golf party or even retirement event.  You can find the Editable Golf Party Tee Flags here.

Happy Celebrating,