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Free Printable Great Pyramid Box

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This year, my kids developed a love affair with ancient Egypt.  Probably due to our extensive homeschool study, but suddenly mummies became the primary topic of dinnertime conversation.

So much so, that my oldest decided to use Egypt as the theme for her recent birthday party. We created a hieroglyph Happy Birthday banner and drew hieroglyphs on balloons.  We planned some specialty food choices so guests could sample Egyptian flavors.  And we decorated the cake with gold Egyptian fondant pieces (affiliate). 

The one thing that stumped me was the favors.  I love sending guests home with a little something.  And this was the perfect opportunity to be unique.

So, I dreamed up this Great Pyramid Box.


The Great Pyramid Favor Box  

The Great Pyramid of Giza is probably the most famous pyramid in Ancient Egypt.  It was definitely the largest.  This pyramid served as the tomb for the Pharoah Korfu.  

The base of the pyramid was a square, which makes an ideal solid bottom for this Great Pyramid Box.  The original pyramid was covered with a white limestone brick.  I used an antiqued brick pattern to give this box design the original look of the ancient pyramids.

Although the original Great Pyramid took about 27 years to build, this Great Pyramid Box will take only a few minutes.  Just print on medium white cardstock, cut out and fold.  

How to Make a Pyramid Box

Making a pyramid box is fairly simple.  Start with downloading this Free Printable Great Pyramid Box.  Print on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  Make sure that the cardstock isn’t too heavy or it will be difficult to make the folds.


Next, cut out the pyramid box.  Once cut, use a scoring board (affiliate) to make crease marks along the sides and tabs of the box.  This will make them easier to fold.


Fold the edges and tabs of the box.  I used clear tape to hold the sides together.  You could also use Glue Dots or even a glue stick too.  I didn’t want to have to wait for the boxes to dry.

I found that the white cardstock was a little flimsy for the bottom of the pyramid box.  So, I cut another piece of square white cardstock to place in the bottom to reinforce it.  This allowed the box to hold treats that were a little heavier.


Before closing the pyramid box completely, be sure to fill it with your special treat.  Then, line the edge with clear tape or glue.  Press the last side in.  Your pyramid box is complete.


What to Fill Pyramid Box With

We used these pyramid boxes as favor boxes for an Egypt themed party.  You could also use them to house a special gift for someone who loves Egypt or to celebrate the end of a learning unit on ancient Egypt.  

There are lots of ideas of what to fill your box with.  I chose these beautiful Egypt coin soaps (affiliate).  They were a huge hit with our little guests – most proclaiming that they couldn’t possibly use them.  They were too pretty.

Some other ideas to fill the pyramid box with include:

Other Egypt Party Ideas

Hosting an Egypt party is such a unique party idea.  We had so much fun bringing in elements from ancient times.  Other things that we did:

  • Made a birthday hieroglyph banner – you can print your own here
  • Added edible gold Egyptian fondant decorations and an Anubis topper to the cake (affiliates)
  • Topped the cupcakes with these ankh toppers (affiliate)
  • Made hieroglyph necklaces and Egyptian inspired bracelets
  • Watched Night at the Museum 2 and set up a popcorn bar
  • Decorated white balloons with Egyptian symbols
  • Played Egyptian games such as an Egyptian word search and charades

Still need to download your Free Printable Great Pyramid Box?  You can download it here.

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