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Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs

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Halloween Ghost Kabobs

Since the kids usually get their fill of sweet treats on Halloween, I’ve been focused on creating some fun healthy Halloween snack ideas this year for our Hallloween celebrations.  We love food on a stick, so I added a spooky twist to these Halloween ghost fruit kabobs. 

Aren’t those ghostly marshmallows wonderfully spooky?  If you are making this snack for toddlers or preschoolers, you could make them friendly ghosts.  I am sure the kids would be just as excited.

I used melon and strawberries for fruit since they are my kids favorites, but this Halloween snack would work great with any fruit.  Serve at a Halloween party or send in as a fun snack for your kids to share at school.

You Will Need:



Melon (cut into cubes)

12″ Wooden Skewers (affiliate)

Black Food Coloring Markers, Fine Tip (affiliate)

1. For the marshmallows, use a Black Food Coloring Marker (affiliate) to draw a ghostly face onto each marshmallow.  If you are hosting a celebration for younger children, you could make the ghost face friendlier. (This is a great task for older kids to help with!)  Let the marshmallows dry for a few minutes before using.

2. Wash and cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces.  Add a strawberry, piece of melon and then a ghost marshmallow to the skewer.  Repeat the pattern until you are at the top. (affiliate)

Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs

Serve your fruit kabobs at a kids Halloween party, classroom celebration or as a fun after school snack.  These spooky ghost fruit kabobs are the perfect healthy Halloween snack that your littles are sure to love.

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If you love printables as much as we do, be sure to stop by our shop.  There you’ll find lots of printable designs for every celebration.  

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Halloween Ghost Fruit Kabobs

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  1. The Halloween ghosts are adorable. I am going to attempt these fruit kabobs with the marshmallow ghost but I never have good luck with the food coloring marker pens. It always smears or runs. Any ideas or tips especially on a marshmallow?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I haven’t had much difficulty on the marshmallow surface. The sugar dust seems to keep them less prone to smearing. I also hold the marshmallow between my two fingers and then draw on it with the marker. After I’m done, I carefully put it down to dry. This way the surface won’t be touched before it’s dried.

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