Although coffee is one of my favorite treats, it’s made even tastier around the holidays with a hint of peppermint and chocolate.  A fun way to add these two delightful flavors into your drink is by stirring it with a peppermint chocolate spoon.  The chocolate and peppermint bits melt into the hot loveliness, leaving a holiday infused beverage.


Even though you could purchase chocolate dipped spoons at many gourmet food shops, they’re so easy to make that I recommend trying a set at home.  Peppermint chocolate coffee spoons  make a wonderful addition for any party dessert bar.  You could also use them as a pretty handmade gift for coffee lovers or you could send them home as a favor from your holiday party.


You Will Need:

1/2 Bag of Milk Chocolate Candy Melts

6 Candy Canes – Crushed

16 Wooden Dinner Spoons

Waxed Paper

Cookie Sheet

3 x 5 Cello Bags

Gold Twist Ties


1.  Line a cookie sheet with a long piece of waxed paper.  Crush six candy canes into small pieces.



Melt 1/2 a bag of milk chocolate candy melts using the microwave in 20 – 30 second increments.  Mix in between each time to ensure even melting.



2.  Dip the spoon into the melted chocolate.  Sprinkle bits of peppermint on top of the spoon.  Place the finished spoon on the waxed paper to harden.



3.  Once all of your spoons have hardened, you can display them as is or create pretty packaging to give them as a gift.  For the packaging, cut one inch off the bottom of the 3″ x 5″ cello bags.



Place the spoon into the cello bag.



Wrap a gold twist tie around the spoon’s handle, clasping closed the cello bag.



Peppermint chocolate coffee stirrers make wonderful gifts for family or friends.  Add to a coffee centered gift basket, present as a hostess gift or add to a teacher gift.  They’re also a special addition to the dessert table of a holiday party.  What a sweet way to say thank you to those we care about.


Happy Celebrating,

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