Little Bug loves crafting.  It’s so great to fuel her creative spirit at a young age. Usually I make the crafts with Little Bug, but I thought this one should be a family affair. So we created this colorful handprint turkeys Thanksgiving craft.  Who doesn’t need a set of colorful handprint turkeys to brighten up their holiday.


For our colorful handprint turkeys, I used this photo as inspiration. Mr. Mountaineer was happy that there wasn’t any paint involved and I have to admit this is one of our cleaner crafts. This should make many moms quite happy!

You Will Need:

Colored Cardstock – including red and orange
Wiggly Eyes (we used the 1/2 inch version for a more cartoonish look)
Mini clothespins


1. Trace your child’s hand using a pencil. Make a tracing of every hand in the family on different colored cardstock.


2. Cut out the hands.


3. On the back of the hands, glue a feather on each finger (not the thumb).


4. Cut out a shape from red cardstock for the turkey’s gobble. Make a triangle from orange cardstock for the beak. Glue the gobble and beak onto the thumb.


5. On the front of the thumb, add the wiggly eye. Let your turkey dry.


6. Once dry, add clothespins to the bottom of the handprint to let them stand. Use mini wooden clothespins for the little hands and regular clothespins for the adult hands.

Display your family of handprint turkeys craft in an entry, on a mantle or as a table centerpiece.   The best part, besides making these together as a family, was hearing Little Bug gobble like a turkey. She really has her “gobble gobble” down!

Happy Celebrating,

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