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Free Printable Heart Crayon Valentine

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We can’t believe Valentine’s Day is coming up so quickly.  My favorite part of the holiday is coming up with creative little treats for my kids to hand out.  I love the cute sayings and matching them to fun goodies for classroom Valentine’s Day parties.

I recently came across the phrase “Color Your Heart Out” and decided to design a Free Printable Heart Crayon Valentine around it.


I’ve always wanted to make our own set of heart crayons to hand out to the class.  It’s such a useable gift idea and all kids love coloring.  So, this year M and I set out to make our own set of heart shaped crayons.

How Do I Make My Own Crayons

The good news.  Making your own crayons is pretty easy if you aren’t in a huge hurry.  Check out all of my crayon making tips here.  

This craft does take a little planning, though.  For the crayons, gather old ones that your kids haven’t been coloring with.  What a great way to recycle!

Or you can purchase some crayons that are already peeled and ready for melting here (affiliate).  

When filling the silicone mold with the crayons, it’s important to fill the section with a few more crayon pieces than you think you need since the crayons settle when melting.

The crayons also come out of the oven very liquidly, so make sure to place the silicone mold on a baking sheet.  Once out of the oven, cool for about ten minutes.  Then, pop in the freezer for another 30 minutes.  After they have completely chilled, they are ready to use.

For the silicone mold, I selected this Wilton Heart Pan (affiliate), which worked great for the matching heart crayon Valentine design.  The hearts measure about 1.5″ each, so any mold with those sized hearts will work.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Make my Own Crayons?

No time to make your own crayons?  Or maybe you aren’t even interested in melting wax in your oven.  I completely understand.

You can also get rainbow handmade heart crayons here (affiliate) or these really pretty glitter ones (affiliate).  This way you can still give this awesome Valentine without having to make your own crayons. 

And they look almost the same.  No one will ever know.


I designed a heart crayon Valentine card to match the heart crayon shape (it also measures about 1.5″).  The best part about the design, though, is that I kept the card black and white.  This allows your little recipients to have a card to color with their new crayon.  It makes it a true Valentine gift.

You can download your Free Printable Heart Crayon Valentine here.  To make your cards, print on heavy white cardstock (affiliate) or a little less heavy if your printer isn’t a huge fan of heavier weight cardstock (affiliate).

Cut out the heart crayon valentines and attach the heart crayon using Glue Dots (affiliate).


Looking for more classroom Valentine ideas?  Check out these Free Printable Animal Valentines or this Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search.  Or if you need a special gift for your child’s teacher or neighbor, this Valentine’s Day Cookie Mix in a Jar makes a sweet and easy gift.  

If you’re looking for more printable Valentine designs that you can customize, be sure to stop by the shop.  We have lots of ways to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

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  1. This is so cute! Thanks for doing it. I’m assuming you just taped the crayon to the card?

  2. We’re glad you like it. I taped the crayon onto the card. I found that the bottom of the crayon concaved a little, so I rolled three little pieces of tape and stacked them. When I packaged them in the cello bag, the crayons stayed on fine. Thanks again for stopping by our blog!

  3. Hi what type of paper did you use for the cards?

  4. I love this! Any chance you have one spelled colour (Canadian way)? Thanks!!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by. Unfortunately, we only have the one spelling right now. We will considering updating the post in the future with the alternate spelling, though. What a great idea!

  6. Thanks so much for checking out our free printable Valentine cards. We used heavier white cardstock, at least 90lb. I found it worked better for supporting the weight of the crayons. Hopefully these worked for your Valentine’s Day needs. Thanks again for stopping by our blog.

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