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How to Make Chocolate Legos

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Chocolate Lego bricks

One thing I love about throwing parties is I’m always discovering something new.  From the best way to string a bunting to fun kids party favors that actually will be enjoyed, there’s always things to learn about.

This time my discovery involved chocolate.  So, of course, I was extremely focused.

When planning our recent Lego themed birthday party, I needed an easy way to decorate cupcakes.  Due to food allergies, I usually make my own cupcakes from scratch.  Sometimes I design paper cupcake toppers and other times I create my own less traditional version (like these golf tee flags). 

But I always like to dress my cupcakes up.

For this party, I wanted something that was edible.  So, I turned to chocolate.  Colorful melting chocolates. 

The best part about chocolate is that you can mold it into lots of different things.  Think hearts, stars, puzzle pieces.  You name it. 

It turns out that you can also mold chocolate into Lego bricks.  And these are the perfect topper for my cupcakes and all things Lego birthday party.

Chocolate Lego bricks

Things You Need to Make Chocolate Legos

To make your own chocolate Legos, you will need two things.

The first is silicone Lego brick molds.  These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  You want to choose a mold that will make bricks close to a regular Lego brick size.  A Lego brick is the perfect size for the top of a cupcake.  So, the chocolate Legos will work just as well.

Choose silicone Lego brick molds that have multiple different brick styles.  This will give you a wide variety of toppers.  Here are the silicone brick molds that I used and highly recommend.  (affiliate)

Next, you will need a variety of melting chocolates.  I stuck with colors from the original Lego bricks – red, yellow and blue.  But you can choose colors that match your party.

So if you’re hosting a Lego theme that has more Friends Legos, you can choose pink, purple and turquoise instead.  Another idea is to give your bricks a Neapolitan twist and make them chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.  

Chocolate Lego bricks

How to Make Chocolate Legos

You Will Need

Lego Silicone Brick Molds (here are the ones that I used (affiliate))

Variety of Melting Chocolates

Vegetable Oil (optional, but secret to the shine)


1. Choose one color to start with. Place the chocolate wafers in a double boiler (affiliate).  If you don’t have a double boiler, you can easily make your own.  Fill a medium size pot halfway with water.  Then, place a medium metal bowl on top. (affiliate) Heat up the water, which will then boil to melt the chocolates.

Why a double boiler?  After melting chocolates for over a decade, I can say from experience that I don’t recommend the microwave.  I tend to overheat them and they end up charred.  The double boiler method allows you to control the temperature and slowly melt the chocolates.   It also let’s you keep the chocolates warm as you prepare to use them.  

2.  Stir the chocolates with a spatula over low heat.  They should slowly melt.  If they are melting too slowly, turn up the heat a little.  After they’ve melted a little, stir in a teaspoon of vegetable oil if desired.  This helps make the melted chocolate easier to pour (less gloopy) and gives them a more shiny glean.

3.  Once the chocolate is fully melted, carefully spoon into the Lego brick mold.  Fill the entire mold with one color of chocolates.  Place the filled mold into the freezer.  Let set for ten to fifteen minutes.  

4.  After the chocolate has fully set, remove from the freezer.  Carefully pop out the chocolate Legos.  

Ways to Use Chocolate Legos

There are lots of ways to use chocolate Legos in your celebrating.  And I will admit that I used them in all three of these.

chocolate Lego bricks

By Themselves

So, it turns out that chocolate Legos are delicious by themselves.  At least that’s what our party guests said.

Instead of using them to decorate something, add them as an element to your party dessert table.  I took our extra chocolate Legos and placed them in a dish on the table.  The kids loved them (more than even this sugar variety (affiliate)).  They were all gone by the end of the party, which I found funny because they also had chocolate Legos on top of their cupcakes.

Chocolate Lego bricks

Cupcake Toppers

As I said earlier, the original purpose of the chocolate Legos was to decorate our Lego themed cupcakes.  I placed a chocolate brick on top of each cupcake – sometimes two.  You could also add some building blocks sprinkles for a fun touch. 

Chocolate Lego bricks

Decorate a Cake

If you plan on serving cake at your Lego party, use the chocolate Legos as a decoration.  You can edge the top and sides with them.  Or use them to make a pattern on top.  You could probably even build an edible structure in the middle of the cake if desired.

Top an Ice Cream Sundae

Another favorite party dessert choice is the ice cream sundae.  And these chocolate Legos will give any mound of whipped cream a sweet touch.  Leave them out on your ice cream sundae bar for a fun touch.

Planning a Lego inspired birthday party?  If so, be sure to check out all of my other Lego inspired birthday ideas.  My favorites are the Free Printable Guess the Bricks Game and Building Block Charades.  

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How to Make Chocolate Legos

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