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How to Make Ice Princess Party Hats

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Like many of you, we have been living up the ice princess craze in our house lately.  Although we didn’t have quite the daily sing along as some, we have enjoyed morning dress-ups, dancing at the royal ball and an ice princess tea party.


For our ice princess tea party, Little Bug wanted to have all of her royal guests wear ice princess party hats.  To create the hats, I designed a regular party hat design for our ice princess collection and adorned them with princess touches.  They are easy to make and our guests looked fit for tea with the queen.  In addition, they made a great second party favor to take home.

You Will Need:

Free Printable Ice Princess Party Hat Design

(you could also use a premade party hat or solid cardstock cut into a template of a party hat)

Ribbon of coordinating colors – purple, royal blue and silver

White ruffle trim



Glue Gun or Glue Dots (affiliate)

1/8 Inch Circle Hand Punch (affiliate)

Thin elastic

1. Print out your Free Printable Ice Princess Party Hat Design on medium white cardstock (affiliate). Cut out your party hat.

how to tape a party hat

Carefully, fold the outside of your party hat so the edges match up.  Use clear tape along the edge of your party hat to adhere the edges.

Gluing on the trim

2.  Measure the trim along the bottom edge of the party hat.  Cut to the correct length.  Glue the trim on the bottom edge of the hat using hot glue.  Let dry.

Cutting ribbon

3.  Measure out three lengths of ribbon about one foot long each.  Lay them out lengthwise.

Tying a knot of ribbon

Tie a knot in the middle using all three lengths of ribbon.  Feed the knot through the top of the party hat. Let the lengths dangle from the top of the hat to give the princess hat look.

Punching hole in the party hat

4.  On each side of the party hat, punch a small hole.  Run a piece of elastic through each side, leaving a little give in the center.  Tie a knot on each side of the elastic.

ice princess party hat

Place your party hat on each guest’s place setting or hand out to guests at the Royal Hat Shop upon arrival.  They will love wearing them throughout the party and it’s sure to put everyone in the mood to have tea with the ice queen.

Love this idea?  Pin here to use at your ice princess party.


You can download your free printable ice princess party hat here.

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