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Free Printable Let It Snow Bunting

Free Printable Let It Snow Bunting

Well, it looks like Christmas is over and the cold weather has finally arrived.  I’ve spent the beginning of this week putting away all of our holiday decorations.  Although, I enjoyed every moment of our holiday celebrations this year,  I have to admit this year there is a touch of happiness to get going on an awesome year ahead.

The cold weather has arrived, though, which after spending Christmas in the 70s, I’m actually glad.  Since it’s too early to start putting up Valentine’s Day decorations (I usually wait until mid-January), I made a free printable Let It Snow bunting for the mantel for the time between now and then.  It helps ease the sadness of the disappearing Christmas tree.

Using the popular buffalo plaid and lumberjack party theme as my inspiration, this free printable Let It Snow bunting would be perfect for a winter celebration, warming up a fireplace or even save it to use next Christmas (since there is a little touch of holiday in the design – I guess I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye when making it).

You can find detailed instructions for crafting your own bunting here and we even have examples for different ways to hang it.  This time I wanted to skip punching the holes and stringing it, so I just glued it onto wide black ribbon.  I like this hanging method because it is simple, but the glue sometimes curls the cardstock a little.  I recommend punching the holes and stringing your bunting for a more professional look.

You can find your free printable Let It Snow bunting here.  And if you are planning a lumberjack celebration any time soon, check out our lumberjack themed party invitations.  Even I warmed up to buffalo plaid after creating this manly pine tree laden design.

Or want to save this design to use later?  Be sure to pin it here.

Free Printable Let It Snow Bunting

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