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Little Piggy Dessert Toppers

Following my rule of thumb to always dress up your desserts when you style a table, I couldn’t resist creating a little piggy topper for our recent barnyard party.  I decided to serve chocolate pudding in mini mason jars after seeing some other barnyard party inspiration.  For that party, the stylist had used fondant pig toppers.  Instead of using more sugar decorations, I wanted to create a piggy topper that was more like the traditional paper cupcake topper.

After some weekend day dreaming, I decided to use my assortment of paper punches, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and other arts and crafts materials to make little piggy dessert toppers fit for the mud puddle.  This is a great project to make with kids making these piggies truly a family affair!

Makes 12 Piggy Toppers

You Will Need:

12 2 inch pink cardstock circles

12 3/4 inch pink cardstock circles

24 small pink cardstock triangles

6 pink pipe cleaners cut in half

24 small wiggly eyes

12 pop dots

12 lollipop sticks

Tacky Glue

Black gel pen

1.  Using the craft glue, attach a pair of eyes to the 2 inch circle.  Let dry.

2.  From scraps of pink cardstock paper, cut little triangles for pig ears.  Since every pig is different, I made all of my ears a little less uniform.  If you want all of your pigs to look the same, you could also cut them from a triangle template.  Glue two ears near the top of the circle, angling them on the left and right side of the eyes.

3.  On the 3/4 inch circle, draw two dots.  This will be your piggy’s snout.  Using a mini pop dot, attach the nose to the 2 inch circle. The pop dot lets the nose stick up from the rest of the piggy face and look more realistic.

4.   Wrap the pink pipe cleaner around the pen to make a curly tail.

Add a spot of glue to one end of the pipe cleaner and attach about an inch down the lollipop stick.  Twist the edge around the lollipop stick and allow it to dry.  This will let the pipe cleaner really hold.

5.  Add glue to the back of the piggy face and pink pipe cleaner.  Glue on the lollipop stick and pipe cleaner, gently pressing them into the glue.  Once completely dry, your little piggy is ready to dress up any dessert.

Isn’t our pig pen cute?  These toppers added some unexpected whimsy to our pudding desserts, taking a simple treat and making it extra special!

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