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O Christmas Tree… Christmas trees are on my mind lately.  Do your kids ask to put theirs up right after Thanksgiving?  I noticed a lot of Christmas trees and decorations went up right after the turkey was eaten this year.  We even saw a multitude of beautiful twinkling lights on our travels up north this holiday.  Something about a dusting of snow, crisp night air and Christmas lights.

After spending most of my childhood putting up our tree two days before Christmas (and taking it down about a week later), we have established the tradition of putting up ours at the very end of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hate waiting that one extra week, so I usually try to sneak it up on Sunday once quiet has taken over the house once again.  (I’ll admit in college I used to put in up right after Halloween… yes I was one of them.)

This year, to make celebrate the tree decorating fun, Little Bug and I created this kids Christmas craft – lollipop Christmas trees.  They will also double as gifts for her friends at school for the holidays, but for right now that have taken over the studio and seem to quieted the questions about Christmas trees.  These adorable and yummy little Christmas trees would also be great for Christmas party favors or as treats for the neighbors this holiday.

To make your own lollipop Christmas trees, you will need to use a medium sized round lollipop as their base.  With some tissue paper, our free printable lollipop Christmas trees and glue, you can transform your lollipop into a pretty Christmas tree that is sure to add to the magic of the holiday.

You Will Need:

Medium sized lollipops

Brown tissue paper (cut into 5 inch squares) (affiliate)

Glue Dots (affiliate)

Baker’s Twine (brown/white to match or red/white to be more festive) (affiliate)

Free printable lollipop Christmas Tree design

Washi Tape (affiliate) or other adhesive

3/4 inch circle punch (affiliate)

Yellow or gold glitter cardstock

Medium Star Punch (affiliate)

1. Punch a 3/4 inch circle out of cardstock.

Stick the circle to the bottom of the lollipop with a Glue Dot.  This will help your lollipop tree stand on its own.

Wrap the brown tissue paper around the bottom of the lollipop.  Tie with baker’s twine.

2.  Print the free printable lollipop Christmas Tree design on medium white cardstock.  Cut out the Christmas trees.

3.  Attach the first side of the Christmas tree to the lollipop stick using double sided tape, Glue Dots or glue.  Place the second side of the Christmas tree on the back.

Punch out two stars using yellow or gold glitter cardstock.

Attach the stars to the top of the Christmas tree.

Your lollipop tree is now complete and ready for gift giving.  You can add a festive holiday tag to the base of the tree if desired.  These lollipop Christmas trees are perfect as Christmas party favors, gifts for friends or even sweet treats for your neighbors.

You can download your free printable lollipop Christmas trees here.

Happy Celebrating,


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