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Moss Covered Numbers for Spring Party Table

I’ve seen paper mache numbers and letters on many party tables.  Each always has a unique twist, that when it came to my own version of this project, I found it hard to choose a creative direction to go in.  From mod podged paper, wrapped ribbon, glitter, and cupcake liners, none of this project ideas captured the natural feel I wanted my numbers to add to the table.  Then, I discovered moss sheets.  This natural moss material is sold in craft and floral stores.  It was a perfect way to give my “90” moss covered numbers a natural look for the garden party.

Messy Alert: I recommend completing this project on a well covered surface, preferably outside.  Moss sheets fall apart easily and we spent a lot of time cleaning up remnants of moss for many days.  It was also hard with Little Bug around.  No matter how much we vacuumed, we kept finding little pieces of green fuzz on her.

Estimated Time: Intermediate commitment – about 1 hour

You Will Need:

Moss Sheet package – an 8 ounce package will cover two numbers or letters

Set of Paper Mache Numbers

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks


Tape Measure


What To Do:

1.  Lay out your moss sheet. Place a paper mache number on the sheet, positioned on the left or right side.  One sheet of moss should be enough to cover one number if it is positioned correctly.  You will be folding over the moss, so play around with the arrangement to find the best location.

Use a pencil to trace the cut-out areas of the number.

2. Remove the number and cut out the traced areas with a razor blade.  Watch your fingers!

Carefully, pull away the cut out areas.  Save these scraps for fill in at the end. Repeat these steps with the other side of the number.

3.  Hot glue one side of the number and line it up with the moss using the traced areas as your guide.  Be sure to move quickly because the hot glue dries very fast.  Add more hot glue to any areas that need to stick more.

5.  Add glue to the other side of the number and fold the moss sheet over.  Add glue to the side of the number and press the folded moss down.  Trim any excess moss to give the number a clean finish.

6.   Measure the inside areas and cut strips of moss that will fit.  Glue on the strips of moss.

Press down the moss so that it sticks on securely.

7.  Look over your number for any bald spots.  I found that as I covered the number, lots of pieces of moss fell off. If you notice areas that are thinning, use your scraps to cover them.

8.  Repeat this process with the other number to make a set.

These moss covered numbers can also be used to decorate a dinner tablescape, anniversary celebration or home decor.  Don’t have a reason to use numbers? Covering paper mache letters would be just as easy.  Maybe next year I’ll get really ambitious and spell out SPRING.

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  1. Really cute idea. I think the moss is perfect for a garden party. Will tuck this one away in the old memory bank for future use!

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