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Easy Mother’s Day Portrait Drawings

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One of my favorite parts about Mother’s Day is the handmade art from my kids.  I can do without flowers, a fancy brunch and even jewelry.  Just give me some pretty handmade art created with your own body parts, drawing skills or writing and I’m in heaven.

Over the years, it’s incredible the different projects that the schools have come up with.  From hand print flowers to ink line portraits drawn by my preschooler, looking through this special art collection as the years go by makes me so happy.  I truly cherish them all. 

This year will be a bit different, though.  If you caught my recent post on Instagram, a sad reality faces all parents out there.  Without school in session, there will be an absence of adorable handmade Mother’s Day presents from your children this year.    


So, I wanted to help everyone out with these easy to make Mother’s Day portrait drawings. 

The best part about this Mother’s Day art project is that Dad can manage it too.  Simply print the free printable portrait canvases out and let him work with the kids on it. 

Or you can have the kids make it without you even in the room.  As long as they are past the crayon eating stage.  Just give them detailed instructions (the picture should look at least a little bit like you) and the paper.  Ask them to hide their drawings (some place they will remember, hopefully) when they are done.  Then, it is still a surprise. 

The best part about this project is that it isn’t limited to just moms.  Your child can create a portrait for any one who is a motherly figure – grandmas, aunts, godmothers, etc.  


What Size is the Portrait Canvas?

Since your littles might prefer making different sized portraits, I created two sizes of the free printable portrait canvases – 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″. 

If you are celebrating a mom that lives further away and need to mail them their portrait, I figured the 5″ x 7″ version would be easier.  But you might prefer framing the 8″ x 10″ for yourself.  Or littler hands might like to draw bigger portraits.

To make your Mother’s Day portrait drawings, download the free printable portrait canvases here..  Print your portrait paper on medium to heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  You can find more printing tips in our printing guide here.

Trim around the edge of the portrait paper to cut out. 

Invite your kids to draw a portrait of the person or a picture of them doing something together.  As with most of our art projects, there are no rules.  Except, maybe in this case, drawing a dinosaur instead is not the goal.  True story.


I found making an ink line drawing easiest instead of just drawing with crayons.  Your child can then color in their portrait.

And don’t forget.  If these Mother’s Day portrait drawings are for you, encourage your kids make them when you aren’t around.  This way the drawings can still be a surprise for Mother’s Day. 

You can also have your child draw a portrait of another motherly figure in their lives or someone else that’s important.  Whomever they want to share the gift of a handmade drawing with.


After they’ve completed their Mother’s Day portrait drawing, they can add the name of the person in the banner underneath.  I left this part blank in the design so that you can add the appropriate title.  Since everyone calls important people by different names, this free printable works for lots of different relatives.  

In the crown, your child can also add the current year.  We enjoyed coloring in the crown and decorating with stick on gems (affiliate).  Next to the “Made By:” in the frame, have them write their name.  


How Can I Display or Gift the Portraits?

Once your Mother’s Day portrait drawings are finished, you can frame them for display or gifting.  Or you can mail them to someone important. 

For an added sweet touch, have your child write a special note or thought on the back.  They can share what they love most about this person, their favorite thing they do together or just write “Happy Mother’s Day”.


Ready to get started?  Download your Free Printable Mother's Day Portrait Drawing Canvas here

Looking for another free printable Mother’s Day idea?  Check out our Free Printable Mother’s Day door hangers.  It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift to yourself.  Just hang on your door when you would like some peace and quiet that day.  

Keeping in touch is so important around Mother’s Day.  I am excited to introduce our new printable coloring card series in the shop.  They are a great way to send a long distance hug, birthday wishes or miss you greetings – all from afar.  The best part is that your kids can add their own artistic touch, making the card really personalized.  You can find them in our shop here.

And if you love party printables, don’t forget to check out our free printable Awesome Kids Birthday Bundle.  It’s a great way to add fun birthday décor to any child’s (or adult) celebration.  

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