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Free printable nature journal cover

I find that the summer season brings out the nature enthusiasts of our entire family.  Days are spent meandering by the creek, collecting rocks, inspecting bugs, chasing butterflies and most importantly – getting dirty… exactly how summer should be.

In order to celebrate the joys of the outdoors, I designed a free printable nature journal party favor.  It’s the perfect gift to send home with your camping party guests or make ones for your kids before they head out on a hike.  Pair with a set of colored pencils, crayons or even these neat handcrafted wooden drawing pencils and your budding naturalist will be ready to put pen to paper.

To create your own nature journal party favor, you will need to start with a 4″ x 6″ nature journal that you can find at your local craft supply shop.

You can make your own nature journal cover by printing out our free printable nature journal cover on full white label paper.  Choose between the pink plaid girl version or the red buffalo plaid boy version.  Cut out each label using scissors or a paper cutter.

Carefully stick the label to the top cover of your journal.

I’m in love with the e.e. cummings quote that I included on the cover.  “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”  I know my kids have never met a puddle that they didn’t like!

Free printable nature journal cover

I gave one of these nature journals to Little Bug for a recent trip outdoors.  She’s loved sitting in the grass and drawing what flowers and butterflies she saw.  It’s so amazing to explore the world from her point of view right now.

If you’re planning a camping party or interested in more designs to match our free printable nature journal cover, check out the camping party collection in our shop.  We offer a girl camping party or a boy camping party… everything you need to celebrate your child’s summer birthday!

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  1. A nature journal is the perfect party favor for a camping party and it is so cute! Thank you for linking up to The Party Gals Linky Party!

  2. Thanks for checking it out Blanca! I actually made one for Little Bug and we brought it on our big summer vacation. It was the perfect activity to keep her busy in the car. She also felt extremely special with the customized cover. She loved the pink!

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