No Sew Felt Strawberry Bunting

No sew felt strawberry bunting

Since I became the bunting queen in our house, there has been an expectation that I will create a sweet paper bunting for every holiday and moment in between.  But even the best laid plans sometimes fail.

I felt pretty sad when I realized that I hadn’t made anything for Valentine’s Day this year.  So, Little Bug and I headed out shopping and you know what we found… NOTHING.  There wasn’t a bunting of any sort to be found within ten miles of our home.

No Sew Felt Strawberry Bunting

So instead, I decided to make this no sew felt strawberry bunting.  Not quite Valentine’s Day theme, but it served the decorating purpose until I get our Easter décor out in a few weeks.  At least it had red in it.

This no-sew felt strawberry bunting is perfect for any strawberry themed celebration and pretty simple to make too.  At least there isn’t a sewing machine involved.  I was even thinking it would look cute in a little girl’s room.

You Will Need:

Red Felt (2 strawberries fit on each rectangle piece)

Lime Green Felt (7 leaf tops fit on each rectangle piece)

White Puffy Paint


Tacky Glue

2 Inch Ivory or White Ribbon

White Chalk

Strawberry Bunting Template

1. Print out your free printable strawberry bunting templates.  Cut out the heart and leaf topper.

Trace template with chalk

2.  Carefully trace the strawberry onto the red felt using chalk.  I used chalk instead of a pen or marker since it wiped off after awhile leaving no mark.  Trace as many strawberries as you’d like to make your bunting your desired length.  I made ten strawberries to make an 8 foot bunting.  Cut out the felt strawberries.

Trace the green topper with chalk

3.  Trace the green leaf toppers onto the lime green felt.  Make one leaf topper to match each strawberry.  Cut out the leaf toppers.

Glue the strawberry together

4.  Glue the leaf topper to each strawberry.  Let dry.

Make strawberry seeds with white puffy paint

5.  Add strawberry seeds using the white puffy paint.  Let dry overnight.

Glue strawberries onto ribbon to make a bunting

6.  Glue each strawberry onto the ribbon creating your bunting.  Leave 1 1/2 inches between each strawberry.  Once dry, hang on a dessert table, mantel or window.

no sew felt strawberry buntng

This no sew felt strawberry bunting was such a fun addition to our Valentine’s Day, even though it wasn’t quite Valentiney.  I’m definitely going to hang onto it in case I throw a strawberry themed celebration one of these days.

If you are planning a strawberry inspired party, you can check out our strawberry invitation and party designs for more ideas of making your next even berry special.

Happy Celebrating,




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