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Barnyard Animal Sound Stamped Utensils

One thing I love about designing parties is working in elements of a design in unexpected ways.  Guests get little surprises as they enjoy the event and I can come up with creative ways to add different details.

When designing Little Bug’s Barnyard Bash party, I wanted to use animal sounds in as many places as possible.  They were on the invitation, added to the party flags and stamped onto the barnyard animal sounds stamped wooden utensils.  Wooden utensils are one of my favorite party accessories.  They have a zero environmental impact (completely decomposable) and can be personalized to match your event.  With some alphabet stamps, ink and creativity, you can create a set of utensils to match any event.

For our party, I added animal sounds to the edge of the utensils.  Guests loved opening up their napkin rolls and discovering utensils that shouted “Moo”, “Oink” and “Baa” at them.  What a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

You Will Need:

A set of wooden utensils

Black or other color ink

Alphabet Stamps

1.  Choose the stamps you need to spell out your animal sounds.  It’s easier to organize your materials before you begin stamping.  Then, you can work through stamping the utensils like an assembly line.

2.  Stamp your first animal sound onto the utensil.  It’s important that you keep the ink on the top end of the utensil since their not food safe.  Also be sure that the ink stays off of your fingers and you don’t touch the eating area of the utensil.

3.  Add animal sound details to all of your utensils.  I divided mine into forks, spoons and dessert spoons, selecting a different animal sound for each.  Let your utensils dry.

Now you have a fun way to integrate farm animal sounds for your barnyard party.  These would also be cute with zoo animals or ocean sounds for a different themed party.  The creative possibilities are endless.

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