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Patriotic Star Yarn Bunting

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One of my favorite arts and crafts activities during summer camp growing up was making those God’s Eye craftsDo you remember those?  The craft where you wove yarn around four popsicle sticks and created a colorful pattern. 

For some reason, I loved wrapping the yarn up, down and around over and over again.  I found it really relaxing – especially in the humid New Jersey summers.

It turns out that making a patriotic star yarn bunting isn’t that different.  You still get to wrap yarn again and again.  And there’s something about wrapping yarn around cardboard cutouts that is really soothing.  Maybe it’s just me.

If you remember, I love Fourth of July.  It’s one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  Around Memorial Day each year, I take down all of our spring decorations and replace them with patriotic gems.  A wooden flag above the fireplace.  Patriotic rosettes on the wall.  Star button art in the dining room.  I enjoy all of it.

This year I wanted to add a new DIY Fourth of July decoration to our collection.  This patriotic star yarn bunting was the perfect one.  It’s easy to make and a fun project for the whole family to do together.  It turns out the my kids love wrapping yarn as much as I do.  And in this time of quarantine, keeping little hands busy has been important.

The bunting also uses things that you probably already have around the house.  You can dig out your yarn remnants from past projects to wrap with.  Try to stick with patriotic colors – red, white, dark blue and light blue.

It’s also a great chance to recycle cardboard.  Make the stars from cardboard scraps marked for your recycling bin – boxes, packaging or other pieces.  Just make sure that the pieces you choose have a uniform thickness or your bunting might look a little uneven in the end.

You will Need:

Scraps of Cardboard (box flaps, sides or excess packaging) or Corrugated Cardboard Sheet Inserts (affiliate)

Free Printable Star Template

Yarn in Patriotic Colors – red, white, dark blue and light blue (affiliate)

(I recommend thicker yarn for this project.  It covers the stars more easily and stays in place after the bunting is finished.)

Scissors – these gold scissors are some of my favorites for cutting yarn (affiliate)

1. Download the Free Printable Star Template and print.  Cut out the stars.

2.  Trace the star cut out on a piece of cardboard.  I used these corrugated cardboard sheet inserts (affiliate) that I had left over from when my business shipped art prints.  But any corrugated cardboard – box flaps or excess packaging materials – will do. Try to find smaller pieces of cardboard.  They make the stars easier to cut out.

3.  Cut out the number of stars you would like for your yarn bunting.  I used five stars in mine since I wanted a smaller decoration for our kitchen cabinet.

4.  Holding the piece of yarn in the center back of the cardboard star, wrap the yarn around the star.

Continue wrapping the yarn until the entire star is covered.  It’s okay if the ends of the star tips show through.  They give the bunting a more rustic look.

Note – The tips of the star can be trickier to keep the yarn wrapped on.  I found wrapping the tip a number of times and then crisscrossing across the star diagonally helped this yarn stay in place.  If the yarn around the tips does come off, no worries.  Just twist it back on or slide it underneath the other wrapped yarn to hide it.

5. Once you have finished wrapping the star with yarn, tie the yarn on the back to secure it.

6.  After you have wrapped all of the cardboard stars that you need, it is time to string them together.  Measure out the piece of yarn that you would like to string the stars on.  Wrap masking tape around the end to make it easier to glide through the back of the bunting pieces.

7.  String the first star on the yarn, making sure to leave enough extra yarn on the end to hang the bunting.  Once in place, tie a knot on the back so the star doesn’t slide.  Continue stringing the stars together.  As you assemble your bunting, try to leave 2 to 3 inches between each star.

Once your star yarn bunting is finished, hang on a fireplace mantel, kitchen cabinet, book shelf or other place that needs some patriotic color.  It’s a great way to add a rustic touch to your Fourth of July decor.

Need some more Fourth of July decorating ideas?  Check out these easy to make paper rosettes using our Fourth of July free printables.  Or go classic with your décor and make this Fourth of July paper chain craft as a family.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for this year’s barbecue, check out these Fourth of July party ideas complete with free printables.  It’s one of my favorite parties that I’ve ever styled.

Happy Celebrating,

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