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Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines

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Earlier this year, my kids tried archery for the first time.  Something about handling a bow and shooting arrows intrigued them.

Although I don’t really understand the appeal myself, I did like watching the arrows soar through the air.  And it made me start to think about sending happy greetings via arrows.  Sometimes I daydream during my kids extracurriculars.  Please tell me that I’m not the only one.

So these Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines are inspired from that first archery lesson.  I used paper pieces to build the arrow tip and feather.  Then, I designed a fun chalkboard heart for the middle.

Classmates and friends are going to love getting new Valentine pencils for their school work.  And your littles will like giving such a cool Valentine.  Especially if they love archery.


Non-Candy Valentines

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become more like Halloween.  The amount of candy that the kids receive is a lot.  Much more than they could ever possibly eat.

Also, Valentine’s Day is usually the moment when I just got rid of the extra Halloween candy.  And to think the arrival of Easter candy is only another month or two away.

The reality is that we don’t eat a lot of candy around here.  But even if your child is a huge candy eater, if you switch out your classroom Valentine for the non-candy variety no one will ever notice.  If anything, they might even thank you.

I love giving out non-candy Valentines.  Especially if they’re useable.  And I have found that the kids’ friends enjoy receiving these types of Valentines too.

Some of my favorites over the years have included these Heart Crayon Valentines that the kids can color.  Or these Animal Valentines that you can attach cute animal squishies to. (affiliate)


So, I am excited to add these Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines as a new option for a non-candy Valentine.  Inspired by these Valentine arrow pencils, this Valentine transforms any pencil into a cupid’s arrow (affiliate).  Add the editable heart to the center and you have an easy Valentine classmates (and teachers) will love.

Or if you prefer giving a pencil with the arrow erasers, you could just add the printable heart tag to this pencil (affiliate).  Both are great classroom Valentine ideas.


How to Make your Pencil Arrow Valentines 

To make your Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines, download the Pencil Arrow Valentines design.  The arrow tips and fletching (basically the bottom of the arrow in fancy terms) can be found here.

Then, download the chalkboard hearts to attach to the center of the pencil.  As an added bonus, I made the heart design editable so you can add your child’s name.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to do this.  You can download the latest version here.

I chose the wording – “You’ve Got the Write Stuff!”.  I know.  But it’s Valentine’s Day.  Puns are important.

What do I do if my child needs to write his own name?  Sometimes teachers request that kids sign their own name for their classroom Valentines.  This is a great way to practice name writing.

To leave the Valentine heart blank, just delete the text before you print.

Since these Valentine hearts are a chalkboard design, a regular marker or pen won’t work.  I recommend using a silver or white Sharpie marker (affiliates).  Once dried, it can be seen on the darker chalkboard background.


You Will Need

Free Printable Pencil Arrows Valentine (download your Valentine above)

Medium White Cardstock (affiliate)

Regular Hole Punch (affiliate)

Valentine Pencils (affiliate)


Glue Dots (affiliate)

Silver or White Sharpie Marker (affiliate)if your child needs to or wants to write his or her name

1. Download your Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines above.  Print on medium white cardstock (affiliate).

2.  Cut out each part of the arrow and the chalkboard heart.  For each pencil Valentine, you will need two arrow tips, two fletchings and a chalkboard heart.

3.  Add a Glue Dot to the back of the heart and attach to the middle of your Valentine pencil (affiliate).

4.  Then, attach the arrow tip to the top of the pencil and the fletching to the bottom using Glue Dots.

Your Valentine pencil arrow is ready to soar and bring Valentine joy to all.


Other Classroom Valentine Ideas

There are lots of other classroom valentine ideas that we love.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Free Printable Tic Tac Toe Valentine

Applesauce Valentines

Heart Crayon Valentine

Bouncy Ball Valentine

Free Printable Valentine Word Search

Airplane Valentine Cards

Still need to download your Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentine?

Download the Pencil Arrow Parts here and the Pencil Arrow Hearts here.

Want to save this Free Printable Pencil Arrow Valentines for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


And if you’re looking for some treats to make to go along with your Valentines, check out these Chocolate Raspberry Heart Cupcakes.  I can’t wait to make them this year.  Something about the raspberries, whipped cream and chocolate that makes them melt in your mouth.

Happy Celebrating,

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