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Free Printable Peppermint Candy Garland

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Ever since I visited the Cologne Cathedral back in high school, I have loved candy canes.  As legend goes, these little fanciful sugar sticks were handed out to children for the first time during Christmas there.  The choirmaster used them to keep the singers quiet during the performance.  To make them fit the Christmas celebration more, he bent the tops to look like shepherd’s crooks.  And there you go – the first candy cane.

Now that I’m a mom, I have to laugh a little at that.  Even way back then we used a little sugar to bribe young children to remain quiet.

But there’s more to candy canes and peppermint than the sugar.  I love how whimsical they look around the holiday season.  Their vibrant red, green and white colorful spirals can dress up any space.

For our annual gingerbread decorating party, I use a lot of peppermint themed decorations.  Candy canes are placed in vases, peppermints scattered around the kitchen and this year I made these peppermint candy trees.

But I love garlands too.  As I looked around my collection of decorations this year, I realized that I didn’t have any Christmas themed ones.  So I created this peppermint candy garland using our new Free Printable Peppermint Candy Garland.


It’s a really easy garland to make.  There are two colors of peppermints – red and green.  I alternated between the two, but you could make a peppermint candy garland using all of the same color.  Or put one color of peppermint on one side and another on the back.

This peppermint decoration would make a wonderful decoration for a children’s Christmas party, classroom (doesn’t look too much like Christmas) or as a simple decoration for your child’s room.  It’s an easy way to add some extra holiday spirit to any space.

You Will Need:

Free Printable Peppermint Candy Garland

Medium White Cardstock (affiliate)

2.5 Inch Circle Punch (affiliate)

Red Baker’s Twine (affiliate)

Double Sided Tape or Glue Dots

1. Download your free printable peppermint candy garland.  Print as many pages as you need on medium to heavy white cardstock.

For each candy piece, you will need a back and front.  There are eight candies on a page.  You can estimate the number of pages you will need depending on how long you want your garland and the spacing between each piece.

2.  Once the pages are printed, trim along the edge of the peppermints to make them easier to punch.


Punch out the peppermint candy circles.

Create as many circles as you’ll need for the garland.  Not sure how long you want to make your garland?  Punch some extra circles.  There’s lots of other things you can make with them too – place cards, conversation starters, napkin rings or even over sized confetti.

3.  Measure out the baker’s twine the length you need for your space.  Attach one of the peppermint circles using double sided tape or Glue Dots.


On the opposite side of the peppermint candy circle, place another peppermint candy.


Before attaching the next peppermint candy, figure out how far apart to space them.  One idea is to lay the candy cutouts down before attaching them.  I usually place my candies about an inch and a half away from each other.  But choose a distance that works for your space and how long you want your garland.

4.  Next, attach the second peppermint candy.  Continue adding peppermint candies on the garland until the peppermint candy garland is the desired length.


Once you have finished making your peppermint candy garland, hang along a banister, window frames, on a tree or across the front of a cabinet.

And if you are setting up a holiday dessert table, you can use the garlands to create an easy backdrop.  Drape multiple garlands vertically across the back of your dessert table.  Attach to the top and bottom of your backdrop to keep them straight.


My peppermint candy garland is strung along the sideboard in the dining room.  I am using the spaces between the candies to hang our Christmas cards this year.  It’s such a festive way to showcase them.


Love peppermint themed decorations around the holidays?  Check out these easy to make peppermint trees as a fun addition to any sideboard.  They are a perfect match to the peppermint candy garland.

And if you are hosting a nutcracker themed party, we have pink and light green peppermint cutouts available in our shop.  These are perfect for making a peppermint candy garland for a nutcracker celebration.

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