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How to Make Personalized Water Bottle Labels

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The best part about using party printables at a celebration is that you can easily make a statement.  Customizing the look of different party elements makes your event one of a kind.  Guests love to gush at each piece imagining how they can create something similar at their own celebration.

And it’s not even that hard.  With some the right paper (particularly sticker paper), a good color printer (or print shop) and a paper trimmer (affiliates), a custom party look is a couple hours away.

One of my favorite party printables that I use to customize a celebration are personalized water bottle labels.  Dressing up your water bottles makes them look like they belong at the party.  And anything is better than the pre-printed label that was smacked on.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to create your own personalized water bottle labels for any event.

We even offer many free printable water bottle label designs on our blog.  You can add pumpkin water bottle labels for a Halloween party.  Or make your labels ready for the summer barbeque with this Fourth of July fireworks design.  You can even celebrate a graduation from high school or college with this Free Printable Graduation Water Bottle Label design.


But How Do I Create Personalized Water Bottle Labels at Home?

Technology is a pretty amazing thing these days.  When I started my party printables business, I needed to do all of the editing and design changes for my customers.

Today, though, there are editing programs that let you customize any design with a person’s name, message and even make the label match your event theme.  We also still customize water bottle labels for our customers in case they aren’t quite ready to edit themselves.  You can check out our water bottle label designs here.

If you want to make personalized water bottle labels at home and can’t find a design that you love, you can create your own using a basic editing program such as PicMonkey (affiliate).  Create a rectangle that matches the size of your water bottle label.  Then, add graphics to coordinate with your theme.  Finally, customize with your desired text.

What Kind of Paper Should I Use?

My favorite part about making your own personalized water bottle labels is that you can make them water resistant.  That doesn’t mean that if you place them at the bottom of the pool the ink won’t run.  But, our experience has been that they are usually fine in a bucket of ice that eventually melts.

To make water resistant labels you will need to choose the right kind of label paper.  I use waterproof label paper (affiliate).  This specialized label paper let’s me place the finished water bottle labels safely in a bucket of ice.  And (hopefully) the label won’t get ruined.

Also, be sure to choose a label paper with a matte finish.  Glossy label paper will make your printed labels look really shiny.

Our water bottle label designs are created to be printed on full sheet label paper.  After years of making water bottle labels for events, I find that they can be really hard to line up on individual labels.  The full sheet label paper takes the stress out of making sure your printer works perfectly.  Instead, you can print on the full paper and trim to size.

What Size Water Bottle Can I Use?

The standard water bottle is 16.9 ounces.  These water bottle labels are designed to easily fit around this size bottle.

If you are throwing a party for kids (or even adults) and prefer using mini water bottles, these water bottle labels will also fit the smaller sized bottles.

Most water bottles will work fine for your event.  The water bottles that we don’t recommend are specially shaped ones – such as the Dasani brand.  This bottle shape has an extra wide space for the label, so it doesn’t fit as well when you replace it.

Also, any water bottle that is larger than 16.9 ounces.  The water bottle label will have trouble wrapping all the way to the back.  And there will be a space where it doesn’t connect together.

You Will Need:

Full Sheet Waterproof White Matte Label Paper (affiliate)

Water Bottle Label Design (check on the ones in our shop here or on our blog)

Paper Trimmer (affiliate)

1. Choose a water bottle label design for your event.  You can find a lot of fun designs in our shop here to get you started.

2.  Customize your design using an editing program or have a designer create a personalized label for you.  You can also just choose a water bottle label design that is ready to print.  No personalization needed.

3.  Print your water bottle labels on full sheet waterproof label paper (affiliate).  If you are unable to find the waterproof label paper, use a matte white label paper instead.

4.  Trim your water bottle labels to size.  You should get 5 labels on each sheet.

5.  To attach to the new water bottle label, peel off the current water bottle label.  You know – the one stuck on by the manufacturer.  Don’t worry too much about any excess stickiness.

6.  Carefully peel off the backing of the new water bottle label and stick it onto the water bottle.  Try to fit it in the space where the old water bottle label was.   If necessary, smooth out any creases.

If you are using a label paper that isn’t waterproof, you can still make your water bottle label waterproof.  It’s just not quite as fancy, but it does let you place the water bottle into a bucket of ice without ruining the label.

To make a matte label water proof, stick the label onto the water bottle.  Then, place packing tape over the water bottle label.  The packing tape creates a protective barrier that makes it water proof.

After you’ve made your personalized water bottle labels, serve the water bottles to guests.  Keep cold in a cooler or beverage tub (affiliate) with ice.  Or if your event is during the winter months, you can just line up the water bottles on the drinks table.

Want to make your own personalized water bottle labels later?  Pin here.


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