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Free Printable Reindeer Food Topper

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One of our favorite family Christmas Eve traditions that we like to share with friends and neighbors before Santa’s big arrival is magic reindeer food.

We mix up a big batch a few days before Christmas.  Friends in the neighborhood love receiving this special feed to sprinkle on their lawns.  It’s one of the best ways to ensure that Santa’s reindeer will find your house on Christmas Eve night.


But how do I make the reindeer food look extra pretty so it is gift worthy?  In all honesty, some might say that it’s just oats and sugars mixed together.  To really work its magic, the reindeer food needs to be packaged in an extra special way.

In addition to packaging, I like to share the poem that goes with the reindeer food tradition.  It’s fun to see kids eyes light up when they learn about the powers of the magical treat inside.


So, I designed Free Printable Reindeer Food Toppers.  For the reindeer food toppers, I included this adorable little reindeer and coordinated a festive striped pattern to go with it.  On the back of the topper, I wrote out the special poem.


In case you don’t want to make treat bags to deliver your reindeer food, I also designed Free Printable Reindeer Food Tags.  I used the cute reindeer again along with the coordinating stripes.  Both the topper and the tag have the phrase  “guaranteed magic in every grain”.  This will add trust that you remembered to sprinkle on the magic when making the reindeer food.

In addition to giving as little gifts to friends and neighbors, I sometimes include a package in the kids’ Christmas Eve boxes.  They love to run out to the yard to sprinkle it around right before heading to bed.  It’s so magical watching them scan the night sky, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa’s reindeer.


How Do I Make Magic Reindeer Food?

You can find our recipe for magic reindeer food here.  If you plan on packaging it, that recipe fills about three to four small cello bags.  If you need reindeer food for an entire block or group of friends, be sure to double or even triple it.

How Do I Assemble the Toppers and Tags?

To add the toppers and tags, start with downloading your design.  You can download the Free Printable Reindeer Food Toppers here and Free Printable Reindeer Food Tags here.

Print on medium white cardstock (affiliate).  In a pinch, you can also use regular white copy paper.  If you need some tips for printing your design, check our favorites out here.

Next, trim your toppers and tags.  Although you can use scissors, I also like to use a paper trimmer (affiliate).

For the topper, you will need to fold down the middle.  I use a paper folder and scoring board (affiliate) to make this job easier.  Otherwise, you’re really just guessing where to put the fold.

If you prefer making the Reindeer Food tags, you can add a hole punch for easy hanging at the top.  I use a smaller hole punch than a standard one (affiliate).  It’s better for narrow ribbon and baker’s twine to string through.

One other idea is to transform the tags into labels.  To do this, print on full size white label paper (affiliate).  Then, trim or punch out the individual labels.  You can stick them directly on the bags or even muslin bags for easy packaging.


How Should I Package the Magic Reindeer Food?

To package your reindeer food, use a 3″ x 5″ clear cello bag (affiliate).  Some cello bags come as self-sealing bags.  Although this could work for the topper, it can be harder to use this type of bag to attach the tag.  If you have a self-sealing bag, you can always trim off the self sealing part so you have a basic cello bag.

It you don’t mind staples showing, you can use a stapler to attach the Free Printable Reindeer Food Topper.  For a cleaner look, I also like to use double sided tape or just roll the masking tape like you’re wrapping a present.


To use the Free Printable Reindeer Food Tag instead, tie onto the cello bag using festive baker’s twine or twisted cord ribbon (affiliate).  Or attach to a cone shaped cello bag for another fun packaging design (affiliate).

Another idea if you want to make the reindeer food more of a surprise is to package it in a plain muslin bag (affiliate).  I recommend packaging in the cello bag first, though, or it might get a bit messy.  Then, you can attach the tag or label to the bag.

What’s the Special Reindeer Food Poem?

As I mentioned above, there is a special reindeer food poem that accompanies your gift.  It tells recipients all about the magic of Santa’s Reindeer Food.

The reindeer food poem goes like this:

Sprinkle on the lawn Christmas Eve night
The moon will make the sugars sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer above roam
This will guide them to your home

Every time we read it, my kids’ eyes sparkle with wonder.

The poem is on the back of the reindeer food topper.  Be sure to flip over the design and share it with those you give the reindeer food too.

Ready to make your Free Printable Reindeer Food Topper and Tags?

Be sure to download your free printable designs here.  You can download the Free Printable Reindeer Food Topper here and the Free Printable Reindeer Food Tag here.

Love this idea and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


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