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Free Printable Hello Summer Banner

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As the weather has finally started to warm up around here, I feel it’s safe now to look forward to summer.

I’ll admit that I have been dreaming of lazy summer days for about a month now.  Through putting up the Easter decorations, getting ready for a First Communion and prepping a few springtime birthdays.  My mind has still been focused on summer.

I don’t know what it is about the summer months.  Maybe it’s the lack of schedule.  Flexibility to do as we please – go where we like, when we like.

Or it might be that I like the warm temperatures for a bit.  June is one of the nicest months of the year here.  It’s not too hot and not too cold.  Just about perfect.


It wouldn’t be right to have the start of summer come and go without a proper welcoming.  So, I designed this Free Printable Hello Summer Banner.  The design features an assortment of fun summer colors and a stripe pattern for the spacing piece.

What a colorful printable banner for you to enjoy in your home or at a summer party.  Hang by the pool.  On your fireplace mantel.  Or give the kitchen some summertime vibes.


If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know how much I love printable banners.  Banners are one of those party decorations that are easy to make and hard to find in a store.  Every time I attempt to find one pre-printed and cut for me, there is something wrong.  The colors don’t match my theme.  Or the theme doesn’t match my theme.  And most of the time the wording isn’t even close to what I was hoping for.

This is why I stick with printable party banners instead.  They are easy to print (check out this guide for details) and you can purchase a printable design to match any theme you can dream up.

Plus, making them isn’t that hard either.


How to Make this Hello Summer Banner 

To make this Free Printable Hello Summer Banner, start by downloading your design here.

Print on medium to heavy cardstock (affiliates).  Medium cardstock is between 60 and 90 pounds (affiliate).  It works in most printers, but tends to be a little flimsy.  Choose this cardstock if you banner will be for a one time use.

For banners that you hope to use for a couple of years, print on heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  This is usually 110 pound.  It doesn’t always work in every printer, so you might have to do some trial and error to find the right heavy cardstock for you.

Have questions about printing?  Check out this printing guide for easy tips for printing any printable design.

Next, cut out the individual banner pieces using scissors or a paper trimmer (affiliate).

For a flag shape bunting, I cut the square rectangle pieces with the paper cutter.  But, I trim the triangle portion with scissors.  I find using the paper trimmer for these hard to reach spaces usually results in me cutting off part of the banner.

After I have all of my banner pieces cut out, it’s time to line them up to string together.  There are a few different ways to string together a party banner, so check them out here.  Currently, my favorite method is to glue the pieces onto a thick piece of ribbon.  It makes the banner easier to hang.

But, you can also attach baker’s twine on the back with washi tape. (affiliate).  Or hang on the baker’s twine with wooden clothespins (affiliate).  It’s really up to you and the look you want for your banner.


Okay, so there is the kind of tricky part – making sure that your pieces spell the right words. From experience, it can be easy to mix up the letters and they end up backwards.  You know.  Instead of spelling “Hello Summer”, you end up with “remmuS olleH”.

Believe me.  It happens.

When you are lining up your banner pieces to string them together, you want to flip them over to the back side.  The white side should be facing up and the letters need to spell the words BACKWARDS.  This way when you flip the banner pieces over, they will spell “Hello Summer” in the correct order.

Once the Free Printable Hello Summer Banner pieces are aligned, glue them onto the ribbon.  Or attach to baker’s twine using washi tape or wooden clothespins.

If you used glue, be sure to let your banner completely dry before hanging.


It’s the perfect decoration for a summer party or a “just because” to make your home feel more festive.  I always like to hang it right before school gets out for summer vacation.  It’s the a great design to kick off the fun summer months that lie ahead.

Still need to download your design?  You can download this Free Printable Hello Summer Banner here.

Love this design and want to save it for later?  Be sure to pin it below.


Looking for other ways to celebrate summer?  There are lots of great ideas for celebrating summer on our blog.  Check out my favorite 25 here.

And this year, I have put together my list of 112 favorite summer activities for kids.  Your family is sure to have fun all summer long with these ideas.

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There are also lots of printables, recipes and craft ideas on the blog to help you for enjoy summer.  You can dress up your bubble bottles with these Free Printable Summer Bubble Labels.  Or head to the beach without really going with these Sweet and Salty Pudding Cups.

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There are so many ways to enjoy the summer months ahead.

Happy Celebrating,


  1. Adorable! This would be so fun for a Memorial Day barbecue. I love the colors!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by. I tried to keep the colors bright to match any summer event. It’s a great color palette for summer parties. Happy celebrating this summer!

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