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Free Printable Roll a Christmas Tree Game

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Do you enjoy playing games together during the holiday season?  We love a good board game night around here.  Especially during the winter.  Nothing beats setting up a game of Monopoly on a cold winter night.  There’s something about interacting together over real estate transactions when it’s too cold to go anywhere else.

But during the holidays, I like to add some holiday themed fun to our game selections.  And it isn’t always easy to make the game of Clue Christmas themed.  Although, I recently found this version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas Clue that could be lots of fun (affiliate).  Or a competitive game of Christmas-opoly could also be a good time (affiliate).

Quick note… but if you have any other holiday game ideas that your family loves, be sure to let me know.


This year, though, I wanted to offer another fun selection to our game options with this Roll a Christmas Tree Game.  We played it during our North Pole Breakfast when we welcomed our new elf Fritz to our home (check out Instagram for full details).

Now, I will admit we didn’t quite play it as a competitive game.  The directions say to and I designed it as such, but the kids just wanted to decorate the trees by rolling the dice.  It was a lot of fun this way too.  And at the end, they glued down the pieces onto the tree.  So, the Roll a Christmas Tree Game also became a craft project.

To set up your own Roll a Christmas Tree Game, download the Free Printable Roll a Christmas Treee.  Print one for each player on copy paper.


Then, give each player a pair of scissors and a dice.  Have them cut off the left side of the game board along the dotted and colored sections.  To make the playing pieces, trim the Christmas decorations out.  Players will also need crayons to color in the ornaments.


For play, have one player roll the dice first and add that piece to their Christmas tree.  Then, the next player goes.

If they roll a one, they need to color the ornaments.  One question that came up was how many should they color.  Honestly, they can color however many they choose.  But if you’re playing competitively you might need a better answer than that.

An idea is have them roll the dice again.  They can color the number of ornaments that match the number rolled.

Play continues until the entire Christmas tree is decorated.  The first player to decorate their tree wins the game.

If playing individually, players add decorations based on their dice roll.  They can add one or all based on how they would like their Christmas tree to look in the end.

Once the tree is decorated, players can glue down their decorations or save them to play again.


This Roll a Christmas Tree game is a great activity to play at a kid’s Christmas party, classroom holiday party or just a fun thing to do as a family after dinner.  We really enjoyed playing it together – even if we weren’t competing against each other.

Ready to play?  Be sure to start by downloading your Free Printable Roll a Christmas Tree game here.

If you need another holiday game idea, this Christmas Charades game is always lots of fun.  Write holiday themed words and phrases on craft sticks.  Then, a player selects one and tries to get everyone to guess.  It also makes a fun hostess gift to bring to a holiday celebration.  You can find details on making your own Christmas Charades here.

Or check out the assortment of Christmas Games that we have in our shop.  From Christmas Word Scramble to a Christmas ABC, there are lots of fun Christmas themed games that your guests and family will love.

Love Christmas printables?  We have a variety of fun Christmas themed printables in our shop here.  From gift tags to cookie decorating kits, there are lots of ways to make your holiday season brighter.

And if you want to save this idea for later, be sure to pin it here.


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