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Free Printable Simple DIY Birthday Cards


I feel like I’ve been missing a lot of birthdays lately.  I’m usually pretty good about buying a card, writing a quick note and getting it in the mail… that was until Little Bug reached toddler hood.  Now going shopping in the card store has become more an exercise of picking up cards – not picking them out.

It seemed easier to me to design free printable simple diy birthday cards that you can easily print at home then to run out to the store.  Birthday cards themselves can make such a sweet present.  It’s nice to know that you were thought about by someone on (or in my case, sometimes a few weeks after) your birthday.

I found some great inspiration from some local stationery shops that inspired these free printable birthday cards.  I loved the simplicity of embellishing the card with a birthday candle.  You can even choose a candle in your recipient’s favorite color.  I found these fun polka dot candles in our candle drawer.


Although you can also use white cardstock to make your own cards, there’s also something about the natural kraft cardstock that I adore.  It’s adds such a pretty touch to the final card.  I recommend keeping a number of these cards on hand.  That way you always ready for the next birthday and can pop one the mail without having to worry about buying another card.

You Will Need:

Free printable birthday cards

Heavy (at least 80 pound) kraft or white cardstock

Assorted Birthday Candles

Glue or mini glue dots

Scissors or Cutting Board

Polka Dot Treat Bag or Envelope to fit a 4 x 6 card

1.  Print out a copy of our free printable birthday cards on kraft or white cardstock.  Cut out each card using scissors or a cutting board.


2.  Glue on the birthday candle above the message.  Instead of choosing a traditional birthday candle, you can also choose more specialty candles or for a child’s card use the candle molded in the number he is turning.  Let dry.


3.  Flip over your card and write a special message on the back.  Slip into an envelope and send. Or to give your card more of a gift feel, try slipping it into a decorative favor bag.  We used these matching polka dot bags.

For a normal birthday candle, no additional postage will be needed, but if you use a thicker or larger candle you might need to add an extra stamp.  Check with the post office before mailing just to make sure.

So, this week I needed to get two of these out into the mail.  Unfortunately, they’re also quite belated.  I’m hoping the fun candle embellishment in the recipient’s favorite color makes up for my not so good birthday remembering track record…  I can hope…

Happy Celebrating,



  1. confettidiaries says:

    I completely agree! I’m already thinking up a few new ones for other celebrations such as a new baby or wedding. As long as you have the printable, they are so easy to make and find creative embellishments for. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kim Bentley says:

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  3. confettidiaries says:

    Those are some great ideas to keep in touch. I still love a simple birthday card. It’s just harder to shop for them these days. Thanks for the thoughts!

  4. Love, love, love these cards…but where do I click to download the free printable????? Please help, I have a birthday gift to get in the mail. Thanks!

  5. confettidiaries says:

    We’re glad you liked them. The links have been fixed and the cards are now available for download. Just let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks again!

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