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DIY Thumbprint Spider Halloween Card

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Kids handmade spider card made with thumbprints

In case your kids haven’t reminded you for the umpteenth time, Halloween is right around the corner.  And although we are busy getting ready with decorating, treat making and Halloween costume planning, it’s also time to make some handmade Halloween cards to send out to family and friends.

One of my kids favorite times of day is getting the mail.  They love seeing if any one sent them anything.  So, making these Thumbprint Spider Halloween Cards is the the perfect opportunity to reciprocate the thought to family whom we don’t see often enough.

A couple of years ago Little Bug and I made this pumpkin thumbprint card.  Using that as my inspiration, I used the thumbprint idea to make spiders for this fun DIY thumbprint spider Halloween card.

Thumbprint art is so much fun and a great way for little ones to get involved in the card making process.  The best part is that you can use an ink pad instead of paint which tends to be easier to wash off.

How to Make a Spider Halloween Card

For this handmade Halloween card, I used our free printable spider Halloween card as a background.  If you’re feeling extra creative and wanted to use a plain card instead, you could draw in your own spider webs and add a stamped message on the bottom.

After downloading your Free Printable Spider Halloween Card, print it out on heavy white cardstock (affiliate).  Then, trim out each card using a paper trimmer.  Finally, fold each card in half on a scoring board using a bone folder.  This is my favorite scoring board because it keeps the bone folder with the board.  This way I don’t keep misplacing it when I need it. (affiliates) 

Each download will create two handmade Halloween cards.

You Will Need:

Free Printable Spider Halloween Card

Scoring Board (affiliate)

Bone Folder (affiliate)

Washable Just for Kids Black Ink Pad (affiliate)

4mm Wiggle Eyes (affiliate)

Black Archival Pen (affiliate)

Supplies you need to make your handmade spider Halloween card

1. Print out the free printable spider Halloween card.  Cut out your card.  Place the card on a scoring board and make a fold down the middle using a bone folder.

Handmade spider Halloween card

2.  Press your child’s thumb on the black ink pad and then place onto the card to make a spider.

Handmade spider Halloween card

Repeat for the second spider.

Handmade spider Halloween card

3.  Carefully glue on the mini wiggle eyes and let dry.

Draw lines for the spider web and the spider’s legs using a black pen.

Once your card is completely dry, write a spooky Halloween message inside.  Send to special family and friends who a sure to enjoy some creepy crawly Halloween greetings.

DIY Spider Thumbprint Cards for Kids

To make your own spider thumbprint cards, you will need our free printable spider Halloween card.

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