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No Carve Spider Pumpkins

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No Carve Spider Pumpkins

I love white pumpkins – their clean lines, modern look and all white canvas that leads to infinite decorating possibilities.  This year I’ve found myself putting them all over the studio.  It’s like I just can’t get enough of them!

With so many white pumpkins hanging around, I needed to come up with a creative way to decorate them… at least a few.  I created these spider pumpkins in an attempt to make something creepy crawly a bit more cute.  

This easy pumpkin decorating idea uses items you probably have stashed in the back of your craft closet – puffy paint and small googly eyes.  Why run out to the craft store when you don’t need to!

A quick warning about these pumpkins.  Making them is a little addictive.  They are quite simple to make and before you know it you will be sending your kids out to find more.  It must be the googly eyes.

You Will Need:

Mini white pumpkins

Black puffy paint (affiliate)

Small googly eyes (affiliate)

1. Draw an oval at an angle on a side of your white pumpkin.

2.  Fill in the oval with the black puffy paint (affiliate).

Add 4 legs to each side of the spider.

3.  Carefully place the two small googly eyes (affiliate) on the top side of the oval.  Use a tweezer if you find it hard to put down without smearing too much of the paint.

4.  Repeat with about three crawling spiders per a pumpkin.  Let the pumpkins dry.


And it’s really that simple and quite fun. 

These spider pumpkins have run amok around here lately.  They are the perfect last minute addition to your upcoming Halloween party or other spooky celebration.

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