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St. Patrick’s Day Push Pops

The minute I saw my first cake push pop, I knew I had to create some.  It’s exciting to think about devouring the perfect proportion of cake and icing in one single bite.  Plus, cake push pops look so pretty at a party.  It’s another fun way to integrate the party’s colors into the desserts.

With St. Patrick’s Day on its way, I decided to make green velvet St. Patrick’s Day push pops.  I recently savoured my first red velvet cupcake, specially brought by Mr. Mountaineer from Sprinkles Bakery in Arizona.  After one bite, I knew regular cake would never cut it again.  The best part about red velvet cake is that red food coloring makes it red – meaning that you can dye the cake to be any color you choose.

Set – Up

I started with Bakerella’s red velvet cake recipe, but added kelly green icing gel instead of red food coloring.  I recently discovered the joys of icing gel.  Unlike regular food coloring, it’s thicker, goes further and produced a deep vibrant color that retains its beauty duing the baking process.  I only used four drops in the green velvet cake instead of the entire bottle of food coloring Bakerella’s recipe called for.  Unfortunately you need to buy it at baking specialty stores, but it is definitely worth the extra trip.

After mixing the batter, divide it into four equal parts.  Although the amount of batter for each part will vary based on the recipe, I used about one and a quarter cups for each cake.  This made the cake thin enough to use four layers for each push pop.  Make sure your baking pans are well greased and floured.  It made assembling the cake push pops a lot easier.

Pour the batter into 8 inch round cake pans and bake according to recipe directions.

Take the cake out of the oven and cool.  Place the cake in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes to speed the cooling process if you’re as impatient like I was.  Once cool, you are ready to assemble your push pops.

Activity Time

You will need:

A set of push up pop containers

Two containers of vanilla icing

Green velvet cake

Green sanding sugar or shamrock sprinkles

Cake Push Pop Assembly Directions

Yields 16 cake push pops

1.  Assemble your push pops by inserting the stick and bottom layer into the container.

2.  Using the push up pop container as a cookie cutter, cut a circle of cake.  With any luck, the circle will easily slide out of the pan and into the top of your push pop.  You will need to push the cake into the bottom of the push up pop container.  If you were not so lucky, place the cake circle into the container with your fingers.  Make sure it is pushed all the way to the bottom.

3.  Add about a tablespoon of icing.  Spread with a spoon or your fingers (I found fingers a lot easier!)

4.  Cut another layer of cake with the push up pop container and add it on top of the icing.  Add another tablespoon of icing.  Repeat until you have four layers of cake and four layers of icing.

5.  Sprinkle sanding sugar or shamrock sprinkles on top.  Add the cap to save for later or enjoy right away.

These desserts were fun to make, a bit messy, and amazing to way.  I liked velvet cake in a cupcake, but it’s even better in a cake push pop!  I can’t wait to try another variety soon.

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