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St. Patrick’s Day Straw Toppers

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Free printable St. Patrick's Day straw toppers

One of my favorite designs to create since opening our shop many years ago has been straw flags.  I created this wonderful free printable collection of straw flags to celebrate any occasion and prove how obsessed I was with this type of design.

I have been convinced until recently, though, that straw flags should take the form of a rectangle or pennant flag design.  They need to be wrapped around the top of the flag and jut off in one direction or the other.  When I started brainstorming ideas for a new free printable St. Patrick’s Day straw toppers, the pot of gold kept returning to my sketch pad.  It wouldn’t take the shape of a traditional flag or rectangle, though, no matter what I did.

Free printable St. Patrick's Day straw flags

So, instead of sticking with the traditional, I decided to invent these St. Patrick’s Day straw toppers.  It’s a festive and modern take on the straw flag design.

Each St. Patrick’s Day straw topper measures a 2 inch circle and can be easily cut out with your Round 2 Inch Punch.  The straw topper features a pot of gold topper has a St. Patrick’s Day themed message for drink sippers to enjoy.

To create your straws, download your free printable St. Patrick’s Day Straw toppers.  Cut out each pot of gold using your Round 2 Inch Punch or scissors.

Attach to a green striped paper straw using washi tape on the back of the straw and topper.  You could also glue (if you don’t mind waiting for it to dry) or use two Glue Dots.

Free printable St. Patrick's Day straw flags

We created these St. Patrick’s Day shamrock shakes to sip with our straws.  You can also try making a green punch or just dye milk green with green food coloring.

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day party and want to save these free printable St. Patrick’s Day straw toppers for later?  Pin it here.


Create your own St Patrick’s Day straw toppers for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, snack time fun or give as a St. Patrick’s Day treat.  You could even use your circle cut outs to make cupcake toppers.  It’s a wonderful way to get into shamrock kind of mood.

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